In Ayurveda, abhayarishta is known as the “king of medicines”. Abhayarishta syrup is a liquid herbal formulation that is fermented as well. This liquid concoction is made up of an herb – Abhaya, another name for Haritaki. 

This syrup is prepared using ayurvedic ingredients like

  • Haritaki
  • Mridvika
  • Vidanga
  • Gur
  • Madhuka Pushp
  • Sauf
  • Sonth,  and various other ingredients. Each ingredient has been chosen and added by ancient rishis to provide the body with immense benefits.


Abhayarishta uses are very popular and effective. The amalgamation of various herbs makes this syrup beneficial to use. Some of the uses of abhayarishta syrup are:

  • Helps in curing piles – Being a laxative, abhayarishta syrup is effective in maintaining gut health. It loosens up the stools and ensures their easy passage. The syrup reduces the strain on the lower intestine and prevents bleeding from the anus.
  • Facilitates in treating ascites – Ascites is a condition where fluids get stored in the empty parts of the abdomen. This occurs mainly due to liver diseases. Abhayarishta benefits in treating liver damage and the underlying factors that lead to the occurrence of ascites. The antimicrobial and antioxidants substances present in the syrup helps in reducing liver and abdomen damages.
  • Reduces the occurrence of urinary disorders – Urinary disorders like renal stones, inability to control the urine, unawareness of the fulling of the bladder due to problems in the bladder muscles, and pain during urination, all the problems can be effectively solved by the consumption of abhayarishta syrup. It fights the bacteria and reduces inflammation in the urinary tract.
  • Stimulates digestion – The syrup works wonders in treating gastrointestinal disorders occurring in the stomach and intestines. The syrup helps in eliminating the accumulation of gas in the alimentary canal, helping in the removal of gastric pains, abdominal gas, bloating, etc. This characteristic helps in breaking down the food in the stomach and intestines, promoting the secretion of digestive juices and effective absorption of the nutrients.
  • Relieves problems of constipation – The abhayarishta syrup increases the secretion of bile in the body. Bile acts on the muscle contractions of the stomach and intestines, thereby resulting in easy passage of the waste material. The syrup helps in smoothing the process and eliminating constipation.


Abhayarishta price is not very expensive. The price range of Rs. 110 – 150 for a bottle of 450 ml. One bottle of abhayarishta syrup is enough to last for a month in general.

However, the exact usage depends upon the dosage prescribed by the doctor. A 450ml bottle is appropriate to last for one month if we take the syrup once daily, however, if the dosage requires the consumption of the syrup twice, then we might need a second bottle.

Although considering the benefits it provides, the prices are quite moderate in front of the daily dosage of allopathic medicines for the diseases. 


The appropriate dosage for the syrup is always determined by our doctor. Abhayarishta syrup uses are highly renowned and effective but must be consumed in the correct dosage.

Generally, an adult must consume at least 60 ml of syrup, divided into two dosages. The quantity can be reduced but must not be exceeded. Overdosage of the syrup might turn the tables. It would cause problems, it is used for curing. Like bloating, diarrhea, allergic reactions, abdominal cramps, etc.


Why should we not get help for piles? If we are suffering because of piles, we must go to a doctor and get help. Not every patient does not have to go to a doctor for help. Generally, people treat piles by taking precautions and remedies at home. But if it is insufferable, getting help is the wisest choice to make.


Piles are the disease where lumps come out from the blood vessels of the rectum. These lumps are filled with mucus, generally which aggravates the pain too. Piles are a set of tissues that become inflamed and get swelled up. 


Like all diseases, piles have it’s symptoms too. The symptoms are early signals, signaling the occurrences of the disease. Some symptoms of piles are:

  • Spotting of blood or mucus in the underwear
  • Suffering from pain while sitting down on a hard surface or bending down
  • Constant itchiness around the bottom
  • Needle-like pain during excretion


There is no exact cause of piles yet discovered. However, certain occurrences lead to the disease. Some of the causes for piles are:

  • Bloated stomach
  • Chronic constipation
  • Problems in the bowel movement
  • Problems of Diarrhea
  • Abdominal pains or cramping
  • A woman during her pregnancy
  • An over-weight person or obese person
  • A gym-going person, usually heavy weight lifters.
  • Intake of imbalance diet, especially, fiber-deficient 

These were some of the causes because of which we may suffer from piles.


There are no specifications as to who is prone to piles. Anyone can get the disease, however, it is seen that the age group of 45 to 65 is most likely to get piles. 

Also, as mentioned above, people suffering from diarrhea or chronic constipation are more likely to get piles. So, the causes of piles determine the people who will get infected by the disease.

Like a pregnant woman or an obese individual. A heavy weight-lifter or suffering from dysfunctioning bowel movements. All these people are very much likely to get piles along with the ones facing any cause.


Biomedical ways are the most convenient to resort to and easily available. Whenever we face an issue, our first instinct is to go to a pharmacist and get some medications. Some may go to the doctor first, but the medications are however the same only.

Many biomedical ways help to cure piles. Some of the easiest ways are ointments and medications. Ointments help in soothing the redness and shrinking piles. It also reduces itchiness and comforts us. Medications help in easing out the irritating pain.


Abhayarishta is a concoction prepared using various natural herbs, which are mixed and fermented together, to get the benefits of the ingredients. The syrup helps in treating and curing numerous diseases, but it specializes in curing constipation.

Constipation is directly linked with the occurrence of piles. The jammed waste materials in our bowels do not allow the proper functioning of the body. It also strains the lower regions of the lower intestines worsening the situation. This leads to inflammation and swelling occurring in the blood vessels of the rectum causing piles.

So, by loosening the stools and helping in maintaining a healthy gut, abhayarishta syrup uses the help of each of its ingredients and provides us with the best results. See, the best way to cure a disease is by killing its symptoms that might cause or aggravate the disease. And for that, Abhayarishta is the best choice!


Ayurveda is just like a magic box. As soon as we open it, its ingredients make magic happen. Being an ancient old belief, Ayurveda has always proved its benefits and stood its ground with pride and credibility. Nowadays we see that people from all across the globe are choosing Ayurveda over other scientific treatments to get cured.

There is a queer change in the lifestyles of the people. We can say that either people have matured or understood the truth of life. People have started to understand the importance of healthy living, and what’s better than staying close to nature for a healthy start.

We see people spend thousands of money on body detox retreats or ayurvedic camp visits, just to cleanse their toxins and come out cleaner and fresher. After providing great service for thousands of years, it is rather rude to question the credibility of Ayurveda. 

But to answer the doubts, yes Ayurveda is very much effective in treating piles. The amalgamations of nutrient-rich ingredients fight the toxins from the body, eliminating the symptoms and the disease effectively.


As we know, piles are not a rare disease rather a common one so there are no limited treatments to treat piles. The available treatments for piles are:

Allopathic Treatment and Therapies

  • Medicines and Ointments – these are the most basic allopathic treatments most of us resort to. The ointments and medicines help in instant relief from the pain and speed up the healing process.
  • There is a therapy where general electric current is passed through piles, helping in shrinking them. This therapy is known as electrotherapy.
  • The banding process is used to shrink and cut down the piles. Rubber/elastic bands are used to cut down the blood supply of the supply, helping in shrinking and falling off the piles. This therapy is also known as rubber band ligation.
  • A chemical fluid is injected into the blood vessels of piles which numbs and hardens the area. This helps in shrinking the piles. This therapy is known as sclerotherapy.
  • Other surgical procedures are also used, like haemorrhoidectomy, or haemorrhoidopexy which are used if other therapies fail. Here, surgical methods are used to cut down piles and are performed when the case is too serious.

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic treatments are designed individually for all of us. Homeopathy believes in bringing about a change in our body to make it effective and strong to fight diseases and toxins. Though the doctors might suggest the same medicine for the same disease, there will be other complementary medicines to distinguish the treatments.

Homeopathy believes and understands the fact that each body composition is different and providing similar supplements is not an effective procedure. For piles, certain homeopathic medicines are benefitting in curing the disease, however, they must be taken only after being prescribed.

Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurveda believes in aligning the body, mind, and soul together, to maintain balance in the body. It is because of Ayurveda that we know about the existence of the 3 doshas in our body. These doshas create an imbalance in our body which causes diseases, changes in behavior, lack of glow in the skin, hair fall, etc. 

So, ayurvedic treatments are used to balance it out. Similarly, in piles, the doctors advise us herbal medicines and paste to cure piles and their symptoms. A doctor’s consultation is very important as the medicines are prescribed according to the balance or imbalance of the doshas in the body.


Well, it is very easy and simple to consume the syrup but the hard part is knowing the right amount. It is always advisable to consult the doctor before consuming the medicine. See, ideally, people will suggest we consume 1 to 2 tbsp of the syrup with water twice daily.

However, what they wouldn’t understand is our body type. Sometimes, ayurvedic medicines increase body heat and cause nausea or dizziness in the body. But it is just a part of the process where our body is adapting to the new changes. So, it is better to start with correct instructions rather than facing some consequences. 

We are well aware of the severity of the overdosage of the syrup. So, even a 2 tbsp regime might be an overdose for our body. So, consult before taking the medicine.


Well, even though abhayarishta is termed as ‘king of medicine’, it might not suit some people. For example – We have a neighbor who loves to consume Dabur abhayarishta every day because he gets benefited from it. However, my parents are unable to cope with the ayurvedic matter because they are very pure and might not suit their body type.

So, another substitute for syrup can be Triphala Churna. Let us not discuss the difference between the two, rather get to know the benefits of Triphala Churna.

Triphala churna is a powdered form of 3 main ingredients: amla, haritaki, and bibhitaki. All of these ingredients help in curing piles. The churna helps in detoxing our body from harmful toxins, regulating the functioning of each tissue of the body. 

Triphala churna is capable of strengthening the gut. The proper functioning of the intestines results in the healthy absorption of nutrients and eliminates the occurrence of constipation or diarrhea in the body. This results in the added benefit of minimizing the chances of piles to the very least, by boosting our immune system and making our body strong.

Click here to know more about the benefits of Triphala Churna


It is always better to learn from other people’s experiences and benefit from them. 

  • I was in my late thirties when I started facing constipation problems quite often. I tried changing my diet and took various medicines but nothing worked. My office work was highly affected by it due to distraction and uneasiness. Soon it became painful for me to sit properly on my chair and I realized it indicates piles. I soon consulted my family and my father suggested my abhayarishta ayurvedic medicine. Regular consumption of the medicine effectively regulated my bowel movement and improved my gut health. This helped in the proper functioning of the bowel movement helping me get rid of constipation and piles. I highly recommend this to all.
  • I highly recommend it to all who are having problems with bowel movements and diarrhea


Is piles a rare disease?

No, piles are not a rare disease. It is a very common disease, especially for people between the ages of 45 to 65. There are some causes for piles that may defy this age range for example: Obesity Pregnancy Chronic constipation or diarrhea disease People having any of the above problems are not bounded by age. They can have piles at any point in their lives if they are suffering from the above problems as well.

Why do we get piles suddenly?

Having piles is not sudden. Our body keeps on giving us hints but it is we who ignore them. Like, it might have caused pain when we sat down on a hard surface. Or some mucus spots or blood spots in the underwear. Constant problems of constipation or diarrhea. These are some signs indicating the occurrence of piles.

Does spicy food cause piles?

Well, it may be one of the reasons for piles to occur. Eating spicy food causes a burning sensation in our bodies. This burning sensation occurs due to the reaction of spicy food with hydrochloric acids. These cause heat in the body, increasing body heat. This body heat causes many problems like pimples, acne, mucous-filled pimples on any part of the body, or the occurrence of piles.

Is abhayarishta effective for piles?

Yes, abhayarishta is effective for piles. This ayurvedic medicine helps in loosening the stools, thus lessening the strain put for complete bowel movement. The medicine is quite helpful in providing regular functioning of the bowel. A healthy bowel reduces the occurrence of constipation or diarrhea, thus reducing the possibility of piles.


Piles are not a shameful disease and we must never get embarrassed about it. Doing this will only increase self-consciousness and insecurities, delaying the required treatments, which can further worsen the situation. 

Piles occur in the form of lumps in the rectum area, in and around the anus. The pain it causes is insufferable and must be treated as soon as possible. 

Abhayarishta syrup is considered one of the best medicines of Ayurveda. The unique concoction is filled with natural extracts and the goodness of nature. It is not only helpful in curing constipation or a bloated stomach but also helps in full-body regulation and functioning.

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