Reviewing homeopathic doctors recommended Allium Cepa 30 for piles: Know the pros and cons here!


The demand for homeopathic medicines saw a great rise when people realized their efficacy against many health disorders as they focused on the elimination of the root cause of those disorders. There is some degree of dissatisfaction about the time taken by homeopathic medicines to make their results visible, but that factor is overshined by the fact that they provide permanent relief from the diseases they are fighting. One such homeopathic medicine that we are going to take a good look at is Allium Cepa 30 and know how it fights off major diseases which are related to ear, nose, throat, digestive system and piles.

Everything To Know About Allium Cepa 30

Allium Cepa 30 is a mother tincture which is obtained by processing the bulb onion, whose scientific name is the same as the medicine, that is – allium cepa. Allium Cepa is commonly used for disorders of ears, eyes, nose, throat, stomach, bladder, anus, mind etc. It is a highly versatile homeopathic medicine which aims at the elimination of the causes which are responsible for the existence of the diseases in the first place. Continuous and regular consumption of Allium Cepa ensures protection against all the problems associated with the aforementioned organs of human bodies. The medicine is as effective as it is versatile and is considered a great homeopathic remedy for many major problems by a lot of homeopathic practitioners.


Who manufactures Allium Cepa 30?

Allium Cepa 30 is made from Onion Bulb and it does not require a lot of processes to be made. Therefore, there are many organizations who are manufacturing this tincture across the world. In India, however, SBL is responsible for the proper manufacturing and distribution of the tincture. SBL is a leading name in the world of homeopathy and its products are widely accepted in India. The tincture of Allium Cepa manufactured by them is prepared by experts in a safe environment.

What are the ingredients used?

In preparation of Allium Cepa 30, the essence of onion bulb is used as an active ingredient and sucrose or lactose are used as an inactive ingredient. These three are processed to form a strong homeopathic tincture which is known as Allium Cepa. These ingredients are of utmost importance as they provide Allium Cepa the strength to combat and provide relief against some serious health disorders.

What are the uses or advantages of Allium Cepa 30?

Allium cepa 30 uses the virtues of its active and inactive ingredients to provide benefit against the following conditions –

  • Cold – Allium Cepa 30 is beneficial in the cold.
  • Cough – It is beneficial against cough as well.
  • Eye Infections – Eye infections can be treated by Allium Cepa 30.
  • Sore Throat – One can get relief from sore throat by consuming Allium Cepa 30.
  • Inflammation – Inflammation in different body parts can be relieved by Allium Cepa 30.

Allium cepa 30 benefits against the above-mentioned problems with great efficiency and now we will check whether Allium Cepa is effective against piles.

Efficacy of Allium Cepa 30 Against Piles

Allium Cepa 30 is made from onion bulb and onion bulb is known for its great digestive properties. Therefore, it provides relief from major causes of piles such as indigestion, inflammation, gastric disorders and constipation and that makes Allium Cepa 30 effective against Piles.

What are the side effects of Allium Cepa 30?

Allium cepa 30 side effects are not really there since it is a homeopathic medicine. Homeopathic medicines like Allium Cepa 30 or Allium Cepa 30 CH are hardly known for their harmfulness because they are practically hundred percent natural and therefore possess no threat to any one. However, there is one thing which must have your attention – the fact that you should not mix homeopathy with any other medicine of a different field. The interaction between two different chemical substances might take a toll on your body. Also, it is advised that you do not consume this medicine without proper consultation from your doctor.

How to consume Allium Cepa 30?

Allium cepa 30 dosage should be taken in the following manner only after consulting with your homeopathic doctor –

  1. Pour three to four drops of Allium Cepa 30 in a tablespoon of water and drink it.
  2. Repeat the above step at least thrice a day or as prescribed by your doctor.
  3. For children, the same dose should be halved as they are more vulnerable to a medicine’s action.
  4. Allium Cepa 30 usage varies upon the need of the hour and the person, if the symptoms or problems continue to persist then it would be in your best interest to consult a doctor.

What is the price of Allium Cepa 30?

It is surprising that something as powerful as Allium Cepa 30 is priced at just Rs. 85 on many online medicine stores and you can also get it from any offline medical store which deals in homeopathic medicines. The price of the medicine is affordable and the benefits offered by the medicine truly overwhelm the buyers.


Summing up the above information about Allium Cepa in a few words is not going to be easy because it deals with so many health problems in an amazing manner. Problems associated with ear, eyes, nose, throat, digestive system and more are solved easily by this highly versatile homeopathic tincture which is majorly made up of onion bulb and priced at just Rs. 85. The health benefits of Allium Cepa against piles despite being limited are truly remarkable and therefore enabling it to find a spot among the recommendations of many homeopathic doctors. If you wish to know more about Allium Cepa 30 or any other health related matter, then you can contact us by filling your details in the form given below.

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