Health disorders and the problems associated with them have been nagging mankind since time immemorial. The several factors which were responsible for some certain health disorders were identified after some extensive research which eventually turned out to be helpful in fighting away the disorder. A health disorder which has been around for a while now is known as Piles. Piles have changed many lives for the worse and doctors are yet to find out an efficient method for treating piles which does not involve different kinds of surgical equipment.

That is why they keep coming up with new and innovative ways to deal with it. New medicines which are based on a better formula than the last one are made just to make sure that it turns out to be better than the previous one. Arsenic Album 30 CH is one such medicine which is devised using homeopathic methods. This medicine is designed with utmost care because it includes experimentation on Arsenic which is infamous for its adverse effects on our bodies. We will be taking a good look at all the important information about this medicine and how it is effective against piles.

Everything About Arsenicum Album 30 CH

Arsenicum Album 30 CH, as long as the name of the medicine is its efficacy against stomach disorders has the same strength. It is renowned for its impact against certain stomach disorders which can be easily treated by appropriately consuming this medicine. It is, however, important to know what this medicine is, who manufactures it, what problems it tackles, how to consume it, what are the risks associated with it and whether it is actually effective against piles and if yes, then how exactly it helps against piles will also be explored. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Introduction to Arsenicum Album 30 CH

By now, it must be known to you that Arsenicum Album 30 CH is a homeopathic medicine which is available under the label of SBL in the market. SBL is a leading name in the homeopathic medical industry because there are thousands of homeopathic products which are manufactured under its banner. Arsenicum Album 30 CH and SBL Arsenic Album Dilution 30 CH are two variants which are available in the market from SBL. While they both are essentially the same products, the difference lies between the concentration of certain compounds in these two.

SBL Arsenic Album 30 CH is used to deal with stomach health disorders which are caused due to consumption of certain food items which are cold in nature. For example, alcoholic beverages like beer and cold drinks are responsible for stomach problems. The stomach problems caused by such drinks and food items are treated by this medicine. Arsenic Album 30 CH has been effectively dealing with indigestion, diarrhea, constipation and stomach infections. Other than that, the medicine has found its application against coronavirus as well, but the experts do not really recommend it for that purpose because of the duration it takes to build a strong immunity.


Who Manufactures Arsenicum Album 30 CH and Arsenicum Album Dilution 30 CH?

Both the variants of this medicine are manufactured by Dr. Reckeweg which is a leading manufacturer of homeopathic medicines in Germany. However, in India the distribution of the medicine falls under the command of SBL. It has been their responsibility to make sure that the medicine gets manufactured in a proper way and is distributed across the country carefully. The manufacturing of this medicine requires a lot of chemical processes which are aimed at the elimination of any kind of threat possessed by Arsenic.

The manufacturing process of any medicine has to be done with great care as it involves a lot of processes which when gone wrong can jeopardize not just the consumers but the people working at the facility as well. It is because they are the people who will be taking the direct hit from anything that has gone wrong while manufacturing the medicine. Therefore, a proper work environment with adequate safety backup must be there so that nothing is compromised while manufacturing batches of the medicines.

Ingredients Used in Manufacturing Arsenicum Album 30 CH and Arsenicum Album Dilution 30 CH

A medicine is as good as the quality of ingredients which has been used in making it. Therefore, it becomes really important for the manufacturers to make sure that the ingredients being used in making a medicine are of highest quality and do not have anything that can harm the consumer upon consumption. The key ingredients which are used in manufacturing of Arsenicum Album 30 CH and Arsenicum Album Dilution 30 CH are – Arsenicum Album and Organic Sucrose. These two ingredients undergo several processes to ensure a great end product.

Arsenicum Album Dilution 30 CH and Arsenicum Album 30 CH Price

What would be the use of a medicine if it is not affordable to the ailed? It is imperative for the manufacturers to understand that they do not overprice their medicines because it would be hard for people belonging to the less privileged sector of the society to purchase that medicine. Luckily, manufacturers of Arsenicum Album Dilution 30 CH and Arsenicum Album 30 CH understand this and they have capped the price of these two medicines at Rs. 130 at maximum which is likely to vary according to the region and quality.

Advantages of Consuming The Medicine

Well, the likeliness of getting cured by a medicine totally depends on how effective it is against some certain problems. The homeopathic medicine in question here is effective against several stomach disorders, but what those disorders are yet to be known. It is important to know about the advantages of the medicine because this is going to play an important role when you make the decision of purchasing this medicine for yourself. The advantages listed below will educate you about the disorders against which the medicine is effective.

  1.     Treats Acidity
    Acidity is a common yet problematic disease which ails people when either they overeat, eat junk or spicy food. The buildup of extra acid in our stomach leads to this condition and this build up is because of the inability of our stomach to cope up with the kind of food we are putting inside ourselves. Homeopathic medicine tackles acidity with great efficiency as it has all the necessary ingredients which are beneficial against acidity. It also takes care of the other ailments which are associated with acidity by hitting the root cause of the problem.
  1.     Indigestion
    Again, a common but highly problematic disease which can be prevented by limiting the amount of food we eat and moderating the amount of spices our food has. But if you were too busy to take care of these two factors which prevent indigestion, then you must resort to this amazing homeopathic medicine here which has a great impact on indigestion. The medicine attacks the root of the problem and therefore ensures a hundred percent recovery from the disease. It must be noted that the medicine should be consumed only after consulting with your doctor and the amount he has suggested that medicine should be taken in.
  1.     Constipation
    The medicine is proven to have some great effect against constipation as it fights off indigestion with great efficiency. Indigestion being one of the most powerful factors behind occurrence of constipation is tackled by the medicine which in turn gets a person rid of constipation. Constipation is a state wherein the motion of your stool gets hindered or blocked due to it getting hardened. Therefore, you must take this medicine to treat constipation. It would be unwise to not have this medicine by your side if you are suffering from this terrible problem.
  1.     Respiratory Issues
    Arsenicum Album 30 CH is known to have a great impact on respiratory issues. It is used to treat chronic health issues like cough. The chronic cough is a serious health concern which eventually affects the throat of an individual. It gives them a sore throat which is also dealt with by this medicine. It is safe to conclude that Arsenicum Album 30 CH is certainly a great option to consider when you have chronic cough and other respiratory issues. Still, it would be great to consult your doctor before picking the medicine on your own.
  1.     CoronaVirus
    The whole world is dealing with a deadly virus which has changed the face of the world. Arsenicum Album 30 CH is a great tool to fight the virus as it boosts the immunity of an individual who is on the said medication. A variety of munity boosters is being circulated across the market, but only a few of them have the kind of effect that Arsenicum Album has. Therefore, the medicine works as a great immunity booster and provides protection against the deadly coronavirus which has taken millions of lives as of now.

Disadvantages of Arsenicum Album 30 CH and Arsenicum Album Dilution 30 CH

There is not a single medicine in the world which does not have any disadvantages associated with it, especially when it is made up of unnatural processes and both the variants of Arsenicum Album mentioned here have some disadvantages associated with them. Of these disadvantages only the two major ones are being discussed which demand a lot of concern from your side.

  1. Takes a long time
    The worst part about homeopathic medicines is that they take a lot of time to bring out the results. These medicines have a great efficacy against the problems which have been mentioned above, but they take too long to treat them which kills the desire of a person to consider this medicine for themselves. Despite being aware of the fact that they take so long to treat the diseases because they attack the root cause of the disease, people prefer to choose from other options just because they do not want to wait to get better.
  1. Potential Mishandling of Arsenic
    Arsenic in its entirety is a harmful element which can take an individual directly to the hospital bed upon coming in contact with it. As the name of the medicine suggests, it has arsenic present in itself but that Arsenic has undergone so many processes that only an iota of that Arsenic remains inside the final product which can hardly be classified as Arsenic. However, the chances of mishandling the element are still there and if a single bottle of the medicine has a higher quantity of Arsenic than it is certain to cause a lot of troubles.

Side Effects of Arsenicum Album 30 CH and Arsenicum Album Dilution 30 CH

As of now, there are no known side effects of the medicine. However, it is recommended for pregnant women to not consume the medicine because it might put the life of the baby in danger. Also it should be made clear here that moderate amounts of Arsenic do not have any kind of negative impact on people but a little above that is sure to ruin their bodies.

Everything You Must Know About Piles

Piles is a condition in which the stools come out with a lot of blood because of indigestion, constipation, infection, inflammation or simply because of consumption of spicy food. Piles is a condition which is known to cause a lot of discomfort among individuals as it takes away from them the delight of eating their favorite food without having to worry about the repercussions of that the next morning. The constant fear of pooping blood is overwhelming and it is way more frightening than one could imagine. Piles can be prevented by making the right eating choices and controlling the amount of spicy food you eat as doing so will reduce the chances of getting piles.

Efficacy of Arsenicum Album 30 CH and Arsenicum Album Dilution 30 CH Against Piles

Now that you are aware of what piles are, you must be educated about the efficacy of Arsenicum Album 30 CH and its dilute variant against Piles. Both the variants have no known evidence against hemorrhoids, but their ability to fight off major players like indigestion, constipation and infection which cause piles makes them a great tool against the condition. Therefore, there is no need to question the efficacy of these two against piles. However, it must be noted that they only fight against the root causes of piles and therefore these medicines are likely to have a better effect only on the early stage of piles.

How Does It Work Against Piles?

As it has been said, the variants of Arsenicum Album in question here fight off the major symptoms behind piles. That is how they reduce the chances of worsening the problem of piles for a person. The medicines are effective against constipation, indigestion and infection which makes them a perfect match against piles. Constipation causes a lot of pain during piles, indigestion might end up increasing the amount of blood and frequency of defecation, infections contribute to prickliness in the sensitive area while unloading. Arsenicum Album’s variants ensure protection against these health issues.

Long Term Impact and Any Precautions To Be Taken?

The long term impact of the medicines could be defined by the fact that they are capable of keeping piles away from a person by making sure that none of the symptoms associated with piles ever bothers the affected individual. Apart from that, it would be wise to keep consuming this medicine as it has a lot of potential against stomach disorders. However, one necessary precaution which must be taken is that before consuming the medicines, one must read everything that is written on the bottle. It is also important to check the authenticity of the manufacturer while purchasing the bottle. Also, consult your doctor before getting yourself medicated with these two.

Other Treatment Options For Piles

There are several treatment options available for piles. The first and foremost that comes to the mind of an individual suffering from piles is to get treated the allopathic way. There is a huge variety of different types of allopathic medicines available for piles. Also, surgery is a considerable option for piles. Apart from that, Ayurvedic medicines can be used effectively against piles because they are made using ancient knowledge and have great efficacy against piles. Last but not the least, homeopathic medicines like the ones mentioned here can be used for treating piles.


That was everything that you were supposed to know about Arsenicum Album 30 CH and Arsenicum Album Dilution 30 CH medicines. By now, you are well aware of how these medicines work against their primary foes and how effective they are against piles. Homeopathic medicines are a great weapon against fighting some major diseases by eliminating their root causes but it requires patience as these medicines take their sweet time to get to the root of the diseases. If you have any doubts regarding anything, you can reach out to us by the contact information available on our website.

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