ARSENICUM ALBUM DILUTION 30 CH – Piles are the tissues around the anal area that get inflamed and swollen. They are in fact a collection of tissues and veins. There can be many reasons for it including chronic constipation and diarrhea. These swollen tissues can be of any size and can develop inside or outside. While internal piles are 2-4 cm above the anus, external piles develop around the edge of the anus. According to a study, around 50% to 60% of people experience piles at least once in their lifetime, making it one of the biggest health concerns. There are a lot of medicines available to treat piles, one of them being Arsenicum album dilution 30 ch. This article is about the effectiveness of the medicine along with its uses and side effects. Piles are often ignored initially, but they can get the patient into a horrible situation when it develops even further. There are a few common symptoms of piles including-

  • Red blood after a bowel movement
  • Itchiness after a bowel movement
  • The urge to stool after a bowel movement
  • Slimy mucus coming out of the anus
  • Pain around the anus
  • Irritation around the anus area
  • Lumps created around the anus


Piles cause when continuous pressure is given to the being around the anus area. Due to this high pressure, These veins get broader and flow more blood than usual. These veins can then form the swelling that is called piles.

While these symptoms don’t look that bothersome, someone who experiences it can tell how annoying and painful it is to deal with. There are many reasons that can lead to piles including-

  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Chronic constipation
  • Pregnancy
  • Sitting for a long time on the toilet
  • Eating low fiber
  • Heavy weight lifting on a regular basis etc


Arsenicum album dilution 30 ch

Arsenicum album dilution 30 ch is a homeopathic medication, being used by homeopathic doctors to treat many disorders and diseases. It has proven to be a cure for many problems providing better digestion, respiratory, and skin issues. It is also trusted by doctors to provide a healthy mental space. Some of the most common problems, sbl Arsenicum album dilution 30 ch is used for are-

  • Respiratory Problems- It can help in treating any ailments related to respiratory problems such as cough, sneezing, and breathing problems.
  • Fever- Fever caused by any infection can be cured by Arsenicum album 30 ch sbl. This medicine is very helpful in the infections caused by coronavirus.
  • Weakness- If the fever comes with the weakness, Arsenicum album 30 ch, can also be helpful in that.
  • Indigestion- Indigestion due to overeating, less physical activity after eating, or any other reason can be treated by this medicine.
  • Acidity and GERD- Acidity and GERD are also common symptoms of indigestion. Arsenicum album dilution 30 ch is also helpful in treating acidity and initial GRED.
  • Stress and anxiety- Stress and anxiety are common health issues that usually get ignored, but with correct Arsenicum album dilution 30 ch uses these can be relieved.
  • Prevention against coronavirus– Coronavirus causes viral disease, that has many kinds. Arsenicum album 30 ch can be helpful to keep coronavirus infection aside.
  • Food poisoning- It can also help in food poisoning by reducing the effects of poison if given immediately.
  • Insomnia- As it is beneficial for stress, it surely helps people get better sleep.
  • OCD- Some experts believe that people with  Obsessive-Compulsive-Disorder can also get benefitted from Arsenicum album dilution 30 ch

 Some health experts also say that this medicine can be helpful in a particular type of cancer, the studies have not proven anything yet, and hence, it is not yet used for cancer treatment. But shortly there will be proven facts available about it. Until then, it is not recommended to use this medicine as a treatment for cancer.


Ingredients used in Arsenicum album dilution 30 ch

Arsenicum album dilution 30 ch uses Arsenicum Album 30C as an active ingredient. Arsenic is a natural element that is found in food. While a person requires a little amount of arsenic and is easily found in food items, Arsenicum album 30C has its own advantages and is a remedy for many common and uncommon diseases.


Arsenicum album dilution 30 ch for piles

Arsenicum album dilution 30 ch is being used by homeopathic doctors to treat piles around the world. It has proven to be effective as piles, in most cases, are related to poor digestion and this medication is a very active way to get relief from that. Here is how the Arsenicum album dilution 30 ch can help patients suffering from piles-

  • It gives better digestion which is a primary cause of piles. With better digestion, piles can be treated in an efficient way
  • Constipation is another major reason for getting piles. Arsenicum album dilution 30 ch is proven to fight constipation and surely helps remove piles.
  • Due to piles, the pooping system gets affected. It can lead to acidity and severe GERD. This medicine can help remove acidity and stop getting the condition worse.


Dosage of Arsenicum album dilution 30 ch-

Dosage on this medicine should be only prescribed by a doctor. 


  • People with heart disease should consult the doctor about their condition before starting with this medication.
  • Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should consult a gynecologist and pediatrician before starting this medicine.
  • Should always be kept away from children.

●  The overdose of Arsenicum is not advisable, in any case of overdose or wrong medication, consult the doctor or health consultant immediately

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