Piles are extremely uncomfortable and can disrupt the normal functioning of your life if not treated and dealt with. Treatment for piles which could help you get your comfort back by easing out your symptoms and not be as hard on your body could be an ayurvedic medicine like avipattikar churna.


Avipattikar churna is an ayurvedic medicine that can be used to help and cause the relief of any sort of malfunctioning in the digestive system or rectum region. It works by balancing the acid secretion so the digestive enzymes could absorb nutrients. 

The key herbs which are used for forming avipattikar churna are amla, black pepper, clove, ginger, mishri, vidanga, behada, cardamom, haritaki, bay leaf, long pepper, and nutgrass.


Avipattikar churna uses are versatile and a lot in number when we speak of the stomach or digestion-related issues or issues related to the rectum or anus region. It could help with all kinds of symptoms and issues related to the abdomen region and below. 

  • Balances or neutralizes the secretion or production of acids into the gastrointestinal tract.  
  • Promotes or increases the production of enzymes that are good for the body as they absorb nutrients from the food.
  • Helps with imbalances in the body in general by having antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Known for causing relief from stomach-related issues.
  • Known for causing relief from excretion-related issues like diarrhea, constipation, ulcers, indigestion, and others.
  • Stimulates metabolism and acid production and helps with indigestion. Excess acids could also result in cramps and other stomach-related issues.
  • Promotes gut health.
  • Helps healing gastritis which is primarily caused when the inside lining of the intestines is inflamed. Avipattikar churna clears out the excess acid and in turn, helps with inflammation and as a result, heals conditions like gastritis.
  • GERD or Gastroesophageal reflux disorder is a condition that disturbs the food pipe and then people face issues like throat pain, chest pain, and other related symptoms. Avipattikar prevents GERD from taking over your body. It not only helps heal it but also prevents the body from such a condition.
  • Avipattikar churna benefits do not cease here. It also helps in lowering the risks of kidney-related risks like UTI by making sure the kidney functions normally. 
  • Helps with acidity.
  • Helps with conditions like IBS or irritable bowel syndrome by easing out the symptoms or their harmful effects on the body.
  • Helps with peptic ulcers.


With all the goodness and benefits that avipattikar has to offer, it is no surprise that you would think that it would cost a fortune. Clarifying the doubt, it does not cost much and is extremely light on the pocket. Since it is an ayurvedic medicine, it is made with natural ingredients and processes and does not cost much. A bottle of Avipattikar churna Patanjali of around 200 grams, would not cost you beyond one fifty rupees. Patanjali is one of the leading indie brands, it does make Avipattikar churna and it is not expensive to afford.


Whether it tastes good or bad or average or medicine-like is something for you to decide as to its super subjective but, let us take a hypothetical situation that you love the churna’s taste alongside its benefits.

Benefits might turn into issues if you do not take care of the dosage. Even though it is ayurvedic, it is a medicine and over intake of medicine should be strictly avoided and a professional should be consulted. Please do not self-medicate.

Generally, it would be prescribed to consume, twice daily after your meals with water. It can be consumed with honey, coconut water, milk, or any other medium you seem fit but before all of this, please consult a doctor.


  • Before consuming any medicine, always read the label.
  • Do not overuse it or go beyond prescribed.
  • Store it at an optimal temperature.
  • If you are pregnant or there are other underlying things, consult a doctor before consuming anything. 


Piles, also known as hemorrhoids is a condition that makes bowel movements an extreme task as it can be painful while eliminating waste through your body. It is caused due to veins of the rectum and anus becoming inflamed or swelling up due to multiple reasons. 

Piles can also lead to bleeding while the passage of the bowels. It could be due to multiple reasons but the core problem is strain. Adding roughage to your diet could be beneficial for piles. Piles can be of different types depending on their size or depending on their placement.



Piles cause discomfort, hence, it would not long for you to experience symptoms and notice issues with your body’s functioning. A doctor could easily diagnose piles

  • Pain in the rectum region especially during passing the bowels.
  • Bowels might include coagulated blood 
  • The Rectum region could pain in general even when there is no passage of the bowels.
  • Itchiness and irritation in the rectum as well as anus region due to malfunctioning.
  • Swelling and inflammation in the rectum region.
  • Constipation


The core cause of piles is pressure or strain caused on the lower rectum region. It could be because of several reasons but that is the primary problem as the swelling and inflammation of veins lead to piles and that happens due to strain or pressure.

  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Chronic constipation
  • Pregnancy 
  • Weight lifting or carrying something heavy even outside of workouts.
  • Straining to pass bowels.
  • Could be genetic.


Piles could disrupt your daily life as they cause extreme discomfort and are painful as well but that is not it. If piles are not treated, they could develop or stem into something severe. Few such severities are:

  • It could bleed during the movement of bowels and excess bleeding could lead to anemia. 
  • Any prolonged condition could become home to even more problems due to bacterial infections as bacteria multiply fast.
  • Removal of feces could become irregular.
  • Chronic piles could lead to an anal fistula, which is an infected tunnel between the surface of the skin and anus.


  • GRADE I: Small inflammations or swelling in the veins are caused inside the anus and they are not visible.
  • GRADE II: These piles are bigger as compared to grade I and remain inside the anus and could be pushed outside due while passing the bowels.
  • GRADE III: These are visible on the outside but can be pushed inside easily.
  • GRADE IV: These cannot be pushed inside easily as They are extremely large.


  • Healthy diet – Piles happen due to several issues related to the passage of bowels if the diet is revamped and re-evaluated with more foods like roughage it could prove to be a boon for your body.
  • Weight loss – Lesser the weight, lesser will be the pressure on the rectum. Hence, losing weight could help.
  • Medication – There is a medicine to heal every symptom of a condition or disease like pain in the rectum area that could be dealt with a pain killer. Laxatives could help with constipation.
  • Surgeries – Some cases of piles might require surgery. There are several surgeries available depending on the type of piles one might be suffering from.


 According to Ayurveda, the cause for piles just like any other condition or disease is an imbalance of three doshas (pitta, vata, and Kapha). Hence, it aims at restoring the balance, mainly vata which not only heals piles but malfunctions in the body.

  • Consuming ayurvedic medicine like Avipattikar reduces inflammation, pain, and swelling and as a result helps with healing piles.
  • One of the major symptoms or issues due to piles is constipation, avipattikar churna helps out with constipation as it helps with better food digestion and in turn eases the movement of bowels.
  • Helps with clearing out the stomach.
  • The primary concern of piles is the passage of bowels and this medication helps with that.


  • Ayurveda works on the principle of balancing the three doshas or energies of the body; vata, pitta and Kapha. Ayurvedic is body-centric and not disease centric and there is a simple reason behind this. Western medicines try to deal with symptoms of the disease and not the root cause or make the body healthy enough to not face such a problem again. Ayurveda works on strengthening the body to cure anything and everything.
  • Ayurveda helps with all kinds of symptoms and there seem to be way more advantages than disadvantages.
  • Ayurvedic medicines cleanse the body while they work so it would free your body from other unrelated toxins too as it works on the entire body.
  • Ayurvedic medicines do not have severe side effects that would stem a new issue alongside the existing one. As it is made from natural herbs through natural processes and does not have much scope to harm you.
  • It has an overall holistic approach and aims at maintaining health for a long time.
  • Ayurvedic believes in discipline too. That means medication should be taken strictly according to the prescription and at the right time.


  • Medication – Medication like avipattikar could be used to help with the symptoms and piles as a whole.
  • Herbal pastes – The application of certain herbs could also make a difference. Like, the application of alkaline paste helps with piles.


 With changing times, a person does not need to compromise or choose between healing your condition or some other side effect. A person could research and choose a treatment and medication that suits his or her lifestyle and body and immunity. 

Along with the doctor’s decision, comes other related risks that are not always in the doctor’s hands or anticipated. With medical branches or alternatives like ayurvedic and homeopathy, the risk is minimized as compared to when we try allopathy. 

Ayurvedic claims to treat issues like piles with medicines like avipattikar churna, homeopathic uses medicines like cremaffin, and allopathy has several variants as it aims at symptoms so are multiple. 

Hence, there are several ways to deal with piles and each way has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages and it is for you to weigh things out.


 The primary reason for side effects coming into play could be an excess dose. Taking medication more than the prescribed amount could be harmful and cause notable issues. Hence, you should avoid overdosage or consumption without consulting a doctor first. 

It could contain some substance that your body might react to even if it would suit a maximum number of people. Other than basic concerns of dosage, ayurvedic medicines have no side effects. If taken while sticking to the prescription, it will be extremely beneficial and would do a lot more things for the body that you could observe for a lifetime. 

  • Stomach pain
  • Cramps in the abdomen area
  • Diarrhea
  • Could cause issues with pregnancy. 


  • Herbs like licorice could prove to be helpful for digestive problems.
  • Elephant foot yam is known to treat piles and anal fistula. It works by solving vata problems and as a result treating piles.
  • Triphala helps with easing out bowel movements.

There are several other home remedies and ayurvedic medicines that could ease out symptoms and help with piles but Avipattikar is more versatile while dealing with symptoms and could help with anything and everything related to piles 


  • You need to consult a doctor.
  • Medicine should not be taken beyond what is prescribed.
  • Doctors should be consulted in case symptoms worsen after consuming the medicine.


  • My partner had been suffering from constipation which later led to piles and it was extremely painful. She tried avipattikar as it was suggested by a friend, it slowly and steadily improved her condition. Not only piles but constipation was treated easily and there were no side effects or problems.
  • I was pregnant and then had pain in the abdomen area post-pregnancy. I found out that due to pressure caused by pregnancy I had developed grade I piles. I avoided allopathic medicines as they are not safe for breastfeeding for my newborn. I tried several things and one of them was avipattikar churna because I read good reviews and breastfeeding could continue without an issue. It did deliver its claims and promises and I have no condition like piles.
  • I have been using avipattikar churna for over five years now and I have not been seriously sick for long. I always had low immunity and serious conditions and diseases caught hold of me easily then I turned to Ayurveda as the medicines could be used for the long term without any side effects. For a long time, I have not experienced an issue with my health.
  • I use Avipattikar as a laxative whenever I suffer from constipation. It has had no side effects on my body and so far I have only felt healthier because of this churna. I consume other ayurvedic churnas and medicines as well and I have slowly shifted to completely ayurvedic. 


When should Avipattikar be consumed?

It can be consumed before or after meals with water or milk or whatever medium that suits you. Consulting a doctor is a must.

What is Avipattikar used for?

It is used for digestive-related issues like constipation, acidity, etc.

What dosage should be taken?

That would be best suggested by a doctor.

Does it have any side effects?

There are no known side effects of ayurvedic medicines because it is made naturally through natural substances but if one is pregnant or diabetic, consulting a doctor is a must.

How to treat piles?

Different kinds of piles could be treated by working on the visible symptoms one by one with the help of a medical practitioner.

Does eating help piles?

Eating right does. Adding more roughage-related substances to your diet helps with digestion and in turn bowel movement.

Can Avipattikar be helpful for GERD?

Yes, it is useful for GRED and works as curative and preventative.

Could it help with kidney issues?

Yes, it is an antibacterial agent and works on kidneys by helping with eliminating bacteria.


 Ayurvedic medicine like Avipattikar churna is extremely powerful and magical in its works and can help you with absolutely anything and everything but a doctor’s opinion is a must. Maybe the doctor feels allopathic or homeopathic would work faster or allopathic is needed for a more pinpointed approach. Whatever it may be, depending on your condition’s intensity and medical history. 

A mix of ayurvedic and allopathic could also be used if the doctor seems fit because ayurvedic medicines rarely cause trouble with reacting to other substances but being informed is always better than finding out about a mishap later. 

Avipattikar has it all and seems like a complete package for piles.

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