Is it good to take Calcarea fluorica 12x for piles? Know how effective it is here.

CALCAREA FLUORICA 12X – Piles are the swollen veins that are the reason for the high pressure around the anus area. When the veins around the anus area get more pressure than it is supposed to get, the blood vessels around there swell up. Due to this swelling, the lumps can also be formed in the anal canal. While common symptoms of piles are itching, pain, and bleeding, over time these symptoms can be developed further, resulting in severe conditions. It is so common that about 3 out of 4 adults face piles (also called hemorrhoids) from time to time. 

How to be more cautious?

They can be developed from several things but often the cause of development remains unknown to the patient. The main reasons for developing piles are following-

  1. Sitting at one place continuously– Sitting at one place continuously for a long period can increase the pressure around the anal canal resulting in piles.
  2. Pregnancy– pregnancy increases the weight of the body. The body is usually not habitual of this new weight and the pressure on the lower rectum due to this increased weight. Hence piles can occur.
  3. Obesity- One of the many problems obesity offers is piles. Due to being overweight, the anus area can get affected by blood clotting resulting in piles.
  4. Digestion Problems– Poor digestion is another reason for piles. If the food is not well digested, it can lead to constipation that demands extra pressure for bowel movement resulting in piles.
  5. Chronic Constipation- No matter what is the reason for constipation, if this happens, it comes with a gift of piles as well.


Types of piles you need help with

Piles are categorized into two types, the external piles, and the internal piles.

  • External Piles– If a lump is created around the anus area then it is called external piles.
  • Internal Piles– If the lump or swelling is formed inside the anal canal then it is internal piles. The internal piles are usually 2-4 cm inside the anus. The internal piles are further classified into the following degrees-
  1. First degree- This degree includes piles that don’t come out of the anal but can bleed.
  2. Second degree- These piles come out during bowel movements but go back after that.
  3. Third degree- They come out but go back when pushed inside.
  4. Fourth degree- They are partially out from the anus. They are the ones that are not possible to push inside. They are extremely painful if the blood clotting happens in the lump.


About Calcarea fluorica 12x

Calcarea fluorica 12x is a homeopathic medicine trusted by homeopathic consultants for several years. It is used to treat acute and short-term problems. It is also a well now cure to disease related to glands that have become harder and are oozing pus. Here are the most common problems that are being cured by Calcarea fluorica 12x-

  1.     Mental health- Calcarea fluorica 12x is a trusted medicine when it comes to mental health. The lifestyle people are living these days is highly prone to mental issues as it offers both personal and professional pressures. Stress, anxiety, and depression are very common these days and often people are not able to address their mental problems. This is also a problem with teenagers and that can push back their career growth. Calcarea fluorica 12x is a trusted medicine for any type of mental illness. It makes the mind calm and gives a feeling of happiness to the consumer which leads to a healthy mind.
  2.     Eyelids overgrowth- Eyelids overgrowth is bacterial growth around the eyelids. This bacterial growth can lead to inflammation and serious infection. The infection can also affect the eye itself. This medicine is a great cure for that, helping the inflammation and infection to reduce.
  3.     Ears- It can also treat problems related to ears. Ears are prone to many bacterial infections that can cause serious problems including permanent deafness. Some ear-related problems that can be cured by Calcarea fluorica 12x are otitis externa, infection of middle ear, blocked ear, Meniere’s Disease(Fluid buildup in ears).
  4.     Nose- Can treat foul discharge of nose that oozes green-yellow color. Also, helps in treating blocked noses.
  5.     Throat – Throat is also prone to many infections that can result in pus and tonsils. Tonsils are very painful and give a burning sensation in the throat. These infections can be treated by Calcarea fluorica 12x. Other than that, coughing with yellow lumps, and breathing difficulty can also be treated by it.
  6.     Varicose Veins- Varicose veins are veins that become twisted and enlarged. These veins show up in the skin. Any vein in the body can get varicose, but the most commonly affected area is the legs. Usually, it does not come with any problem in an initial period other than the visibility of the vein on the skin, after some time it gets itchy and irritating. It also increases if not treated properly. Calcarea fluorica 12x is a great medicine that has helped several people with varicose veins.


Calcarea fluorica 12x for piles

Calcarea fluorica 12x is also a great remedy for piles as it reduces the pain around the anus. It is trusted for piles and is being used by several doctors. This medicine helps in reducing the lump that is formed in piles. It is also useful in treating constipation which is another reason for developing piles.


Calcarea fluorica 12x side effects

No side effects have been observed in medical history till now for this medicine. However, it is best to consult your doctor before consumption of this medicine about the dosage is usable. In the case of children, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers, a doctor’s consultation is a must.


If you’re battling with piles, we bet you have a much clearer idea about the disease as well as the medicine. Just make sure that you take proper precautions while taking the medicines and be crystal clear about the plausible side effects before you start taking it. 

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