CALCAREA FLUORICA 6X – The amount of diseases has increased exponentially over the past few years and the ability of mankind to tackle them has increased as well. As we continued to explore treatment methods and come up with different types of medicines, it became possible for us to get rid of some highly problematic diseases. However, there are still some diseases which can only be treated by following a long procedure or undergoing a surgery. Piles is one such disease which has found its cure in many forms of treatment, but today we will get to know about a major homeopathic medicine which goes by the name Calcarea Fluorica 6X or just Calcarea Fluorica.


Any medicine must be used only after every single information about it is known to us. It is important because otherwise it will lead us to a lot of problems and a majority of those problems would be directly affecting our physical and mental well-being. Calcarea Fluorica is a homeopathic medicine which is deemed to be effective against varicose veins, factors associated with piles and for improvement in eyesight. The medicine is made of naturally found ingredients and is quite useful against the above-mentioned problems.


Calcarea 6X is a homeopathic medicine which is used to treat multiple health disorders with the majority of them being related to bones, veins, piles and vision. The medicine is effective against varicose veins which is a condition where the veins get swollen and therefore they are clearly visible due to the bulgy growth. Calcarea Fluorica 6X uses its ingredients as its main strength against the said diseases which makes it a popular pick among the masses. Ever since the medicine was invented, it has gained a lot of consumers who have said a lot of positive things to say about the medicine.



In India, there are only a few homeopathic medicine manufacturers and of those only one or two are known to the common folks. SBL being the biggest manufacturer and distributor of homeopathic medicines has the responsibility to manufacture Calcarea Fluorica 6X. The assurance of manufacturing a safe and effective medicine can be achieved only when it is prepared with great care and precision under the expert guidance from the skillful people who are well versed with the science behind homeopathy. It is a good thing that SBL has a great team working tirelessly to provide its customers a high quality product. Therefore, it is recommended that you do the proper research about how well a  manufacturer makes Calcarea Fluorica 6X tablets.


The need of using the right ingredients while making a medicine has been emphasized time and again. It is not just the right ingredients that matter, it is also the quality of those ingredients which makes a difference in the quality of the final product. Apart from their major ingredient which is Fluoride of Lime, Calcarea Fluorica tablets use some additional supplementary ingredients which must be of best quality so that the efficacy of the medicine is not compromised. It is easy to get the finest quality Fluoride of Lime, but to maintain that quality till the end is what separates a good manufacturer from a bad one.


Before using a homeopathic medicine, it is important to know when it should be used and when it must not be used. If you have any kind of condition that could worsen upon consumption of the medicine, then you must keep away from consuming the medicine. Here, we will be taking a look at when Calcarea Fluorica must be consumed and why it would be wise to do so!

  1.     Varicose Veins – A condition in which the veins of our bodies get swollen unnaturally which causes them to become vulnerable to any kind of probable damage. Mostly this condition affects the lower part of our bodies due to the pressure applied while standing upright. These veins are irregular in shape and often look grotesque. Calcarea Fluorica takes care of this condition very efficiently and must be consumed accordingly.
  2.     Joint Pains – People who have been suffering from pain across their joints can refer to this medicine as it has calcium present in it which strengthens the bones of your body and thereby providing relief in joint pain.
  3.     Thyroid – It is effective against thyroid as it works against the inflammation of thyroid gland and relieves from the issues caused due to thyroid.
  4.     Psoriasis – Psoriasis is an infamous skin condition which affects the skin with discolored flakes and rashes. It can be caused due to wrong medications, prolonged exposure to sunlight, injuries, allergies and infection. However, homeopathic medicine Calcarea Fluorica has proven effective against this condition.
  5.     Bleeding Gums and Back Pain – It can be used to treat bleeding gums in both children and adults. Also, back pain caused due to prolonged sitting or standing or daily routine work is also cured by using Calcarea Fluorica.
  6.     Internal Piles – Piles is a dreaded disease and it takes away a lot from an individual. Their strength to fight back is gone when they see what piles have done to them. To prevent that from happening, it is important that they consume Calcarea Fluorica in time so that it can give the much required benefit against piles. It should be noted that piles is a curable disease and all it requires to do so is to pick the right medicine from the right course of treatment. In this case, it would be Calcarea Fluorica.
  7.     Dry Skin – Even an issue as minor as dry skin can eventually develop into skin cancer, to prevent that from happening, it is important to consume Calcarea Fluorica.

Now, let’s take a look at some advantages of Calcarea Fluorica.


It is safe to assume that by now you are aware of when to consume Calcarea Fluorica and now it is time that we take a look at the advantages of consuming this beautiful homeopathic medicine. It is because of the following advantages of Calcarea Fluorica that it has gained a lot of popularity among the masses and it continues to outshine its every single competitor. Now, without any further ado, let us take a look at some really amazing virtues of Calcarea Fluorica –

  • Helpful Against Varicose Veins – Consumption of this beast of a homeopathic medicine leads to relief from varicose veins which is a terrible health condition.
  • Helpful Against Piles – Piles has been an issue of concern for many individuals and they should no longer worry about it because Calcarea Fluorica is here to help them recover from the damages caused by Piles and also to prevent piles from happening in the first place.
  • Helpful Against Psoriasis – You might not understand the gravity of how serious a skin condition psoriasis is and therefore it must be treated with the care and respect that it deserves. Luckily, Calcarea Fluorica is here to take care of Psoriasis for you and give you flawless skin.
  • Strengthens Bones – The inclusion of calcium as one of the major ingredients of this homeopathic medicine has made it possible for it to give strength to your bones and thereby relieving you from any kind of bone related health problems.
  • Moisturizes Skin – Dry skin could further cause a lot of terrible skin conditions like rashes and allergies. Hence it is important that Calcarea Fluorica is used to treat this seemingly minor issue with great efficiency.


It is highly probable that you would come across some information on the internet which would try to bring down this homeopathic medicine by claiming that it has certain side effects upon consumption. However, you must consult your doctor before believing those false claims. In fact, there are many other websites which will tell you how this homeopathic medicine is free of any side effects. It can be used by kidney, heart, liver and sugar patients as well as by pregnant women without fearing any kind of side effects.


Calcarea Fluorica must be consumed only after consulting with your doctors. It would be great if the doctors are homeopathic practitioners as they have more knowledge about the subject than any other doctor. However, the directions for an adult and a kid to consume the medicine are as follows-

  • An adult is allowed to consume this medicine by taking two to four tablets four times a day and it must be noted that the tablets should dissolve completely in the mouth.
  • A kid must not eat more than two tablets if the kid is under twelve years of age. Also, the tablet must be consumed only once.


There is no use of a medicine which is unaffordable by the masses because that way only the privileged would be able to reap the benefits of that particular medicine. Keeping that in mind, the manufacturers of Calcarea Fluorica decided to cap the prices of all the variants of the medicine at Rs. 100 so that the maximum number of people could get benefitted by the medicine. It is an action which is worth the appreciation that is being showered upon it because think for yourself, what good a medicine would be if it is not accessible to the general public?

Everything You Must Know About Piles

One of the most painful and ugliest health conditions to have ever existed in the world is called Piles. Piles could be caused due to a number of reasons like indigestion, constipation, gastric disorders, poor bowel movement, infection etc.

  • Indigestion causes the food to not get broken into pieces properly which causes rough and frequently irregular motions.
  • Constipation is infamous for causing great pain while unloading yourself as it causes the hard stool to run against the sensitive skin of anus and thereby causing bleeding due to injury.
  • Gastric Disorders can alter the way your digestive system works. These disorders can cause you to use the washroom again and again without anything significant coming out and applying a lot of pressure would only worsen piles.
  • Poor bowel movement can be caused due to indigestion and constipation, which means that it can be avoided if these two diseases are taken care of. Poor bowel movement has a major contributory role towards development and worsening of piles.
  • Infection caused by eating a lot of spicy foods is going to cost you a healthy stomach and digestive system especially when you have piles. It is going to worsen things for you because infection would again cause great pain in the anal region and a prickly sensation down there which is definitely not going to help the case.

You must have understood the impact of piles and what causes it to develop or worsen in the first place, now it is time that you understand how Calcarea Fluorica 6X is helpful against piles.

Efficacy of Calcarea Fluorica Against Piles

Efficacy of Calcarea Fluorica against piles is that it can get rid of the causes which are mentioned in the preceding paragraph. The effectiveness of Calcarea Fluorica was never in question as the brand that manufactures it promotes it as a great medicine to get rid of Calcarea Fluorica. The best part about Calcarea Fluorica is that it does not have any side effects associated with it and provides the relief you have been desiring for a long time. The medicine uses its key ingredients as its power to fight off the factors which are responsible for the development of piles. Factors like indigestion, constipation, gastric disorders and minor infections can be treated efficiently by using this medicine. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that Calcarea Fluorica is a great option to deal with piles.

How Does Calcarea Fluorica Work Against Piles?

Not to repeat ourselves, but it must be made clear by reinforcing the fact that Calcarea Fluorica is effective against Piles because it deals with the major issues that are responsible for causing piles. Apart from dealing with the issues, Calcarea Fluorica is also useful against the issues associated with Piles. Issues like bleeding, injuries, inflammation and fatigue are treated with great efficiency by the medicine being discussed here. Also the fact that Calcarea Fluorica is beneficial for bones takes care of the loss of strength caused due to frequently using the loo. Thus, Calcarea Fluorica is certainly a great medicine for piles.


What Precautions Must Be Taken?

There is no such record of any extensive precautions that must be taken while consuming Calcarea Fluorica 6X or any other variant because it is hundred percent natural and does not have any kind of side effects on the consumer. However, there are some basic precautionary steps which must be followed while following the course.

  • The first one is to keep a gap of at least fifteen minutes before and after eating food.
  • Secondly, it is advisable that pregnant women must consult their homeopathic doctors before breastfeeding their kids during the course.
  • Lastly, alcohol and tobacco consumption must be prohibited.


Other Treatment Available for Piles?

If you are a non-believer when it comes to the homeopathic treatment of piles and do not have enough confidence in medicines like Calcarea Fluorica 6X, then there are some other treatment methods which can be considered by you. The first and foremost treatment method which is recommended for a long term relief from Piles is the Ayurvedic treatment. Ayurveda has the most wonderful remedies which are widely accepted to cure some grave diseases permanently. If that is also not preferred by you, then you can try the allopathic treatment which is more focused on the problem at hand rather than dealing with the root cause of the problem. Allopathic treatment also considers surgery as an effective tool against piles but not everyone favors that option. Therefore, if you are looking for a long term and permanent treatment which would get rid of your piles problem completely, you must go for homeopathic medicines like Calcarea Fluorica.


Assuming that you have read everything that you were supposed to know about Calcarea Fluorica and how it is effective against piles would be a bit ignorant. Therefore to sum up things for you, it is important to share with you that the medicine made from Fluoride of Lime is used against piles and other health issues like varicose veins and poor eyesight. The pricing of all the variants of this medicine is kept under Rs. 100 which makes it an affordable option for all. The medicine can be consumed with proper precautions without worrying about any kind of side effects. With that being said, let’s wrap things up but if you still have any doubt you can reach out to us by filling the following form. We will be happy to help you with anything that we can.

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