Using Cremaffin Plus against piles: Can it actually cure piles in a month?

Piles is not a disease one is aloof of. Surveys show that every 3 out of 4 people suffer from this nightmare. India alone records an average of about 10 million cases associated with piles every year.

Constipation is believed to be the most prominent cause of piles amongst people. To eradicate the problem of piles, the first step involves rooting out the symptoms that cause this torment in the body. Is Cremaffin Plus the best solution for it? Let’s find out!

Introducing Cremaffin Plus

Cremaffin plus is a medication that comes primarily in the form of syrups. It does not mean that one cannot find it in the form of tablets.  Modern medication takes care of your health and convenience.

Cremaffin Plus syrup is a sugar free medication that serves well for people with a little liberty in terms of sugar intake. The primary purpose for its consumption is related to the treatment of problems associated with the digestive system. It acts as a laxative to resolve issues related to bowel.

Cremaffin Syrup Vs Cremaffin Plus Syrup: 

  1. Cremaffin Syrup is a simple laxative while Cremaffin Plus Syrup is a strong laxative.
  2. Cremaffin Syrup’s uses are not limited to adults like that of Cremaffin Plus Syrup. Cremaffin Plus Syrup cannot be prescribed to children due to the side-effects it may cause.

When to use Cremaffin Plus Syrup? 

Cremaffin uses involve remedy for constipation among other things. Cremaffin Plus’s uses are limited to treating constipation.

The medication is specifically designed as a treatment for constipation be it hard and dry stools or infrequent bowel movements. Furthermore, it helps in the passage of gas.

How does it work for hard and dry stools?

The medicine works by soaking water into the bowel and making the stool softer for easier passage. The effect is visible in a short period of time. Sometimes it may take 1 to 2 days. A fiber-rich diet and lots of fluid work hand in hand with the medication to give the best results.

How does it work for inconsistent bowel movements? 

It helps in excretion by increasing the movements in the intestines. In this particular case, one can either go for Cremaffin Plus Syrup or Cremaffin Fresh Tablets. The tablets are specifically helpful in increasing intestinal movements for the passage of stool. Tablets take 5-6 hours on an average in reflecting effects.

Constipation is related to many other problems in the body. One of the most major of them is piles. Constipation can be harmful in piles during passing out of stool. 

Is Cremaffin syrup cost-efficient – Details regarding Cremaffin plus syrup uses

Money plays a huge role in the reputation of any medication. Given that nobody, irrespective of their status or age or gender, is immune to health problems these days, medicines need to be priced in a way that is affordable and effective at the same time. 

Details regarding Cremaffin Syrup prices:

As per the online sources, there are two variants available for Cremaffin Plus syrup.

  1. Cremaffin Plus Syrup (100 ml) is priced at ₹90 INR
  2. Cremaffin Plus Syrup (250 ml) is priced at ₹190-220 INR, depending upon the discounts available.

Cremaffin Fresh Tablets are available at ₹8-10 INR per strip containing 10 tablets.

Ingredients in Cremaffin syrup and how they work.

  1. Sodium picosulfate: Increases wave-like movement in the intestines to increase the movement of stool.
  2. Liquid paraffin: Helps in securing the water content in the stool. 
  3. Milk of magnesia: Acts as a lubricant and helps in drawing water in the intestine.

Side effects of Cremaffin Plus Syrup

A coin has two sides. While this medicine can prove really helpful in certain situations, it may as well have side effects on the body of the consumer. 

User reviews have concluded these as the most common problems that arise after the consumption of Cremaffin Plus Syrup or Cremaffin Fresh Tablets:

  1. Stomach ache
  2. Diarrhea
  3. Nausea
  4. Abdominal bloating
  5. Vomiting
  6. Anal Seepage

Onset of any of the given side effects is your hint to consult a doctor. Generally, these cases are not severe and can go away on their own or be rectified by additional medication.

Dosage for Cremaffin Plus Syrup

  1. Dosage and timing should be in strict accordance with the doctor’s advice. An overdose can prove harmful, while an underdose may not give the best results. Also, the dose varies in special cases like pregnancy, breastfeeding and other medical conditions.
  2. The dosage should be continued for as long as advised. Improper dosage can result in worsened symptoms.
  3. It can take with or without meals depending on what is advised.
  4. Consume it orally only after shaking it well and measuring it with the measuring cup.

Safety tips – All you need to know!

  1. Take the medication as per the prescription.
  2. Include more fiber in the diet.
  3. Consume more fluids. 
  4. Exercise daily. Yoga can be very helpful.
  5. Complete the advised time period of consumption.
  6. Do not consume it with alcohol.
  7. Do not consume it without medical advice in case of pregnancy or breastfeeding.
  8. Do not engage in tasks like driving since the medicine may affect concentration.
  9. Do not hold in the stool.
  10. People with kidney problems are not advised to consume the medicine. Find other alternatives using help from medical experts.
  11. Consumption of this medication can be harmful for people with liver diseases.
  12. In case of severe side effects, consult a doctor immediately.
  13. This medicine is not advised for patients below 18 years.

Correlating Piles with Cremaffin Plus Syrup. 

What are piles? Why should you get help for piles?

Commonly known as Piles, Hemorrhoids are inflamed swelling containing blood vessels and tissues, in the rectum or as it is commonly known as anus. 

They can be located inside or outside the rectum. Internal piles are located inside the anal canal, two to four cm above the anus. External piles and present outside the anus. The size is also variable. 

Piles Grading

Given the severity of piles, they can be further classified into four categories:

  1. Grade 1 Piles: This is the first stage wherein the piles are mostly located inside but can cause bleeding. These can be treated medically.
  2. Grade 2 Piles: These move with the movement of the bowel. Surgery is also a matter of choice as these can be treated medically.
  3. Grade 3 Piles: The condition gets severe in this stage as they come out of the anus and won’t go in unless pushed from outside. Surgery is a must.
  4. Grade 4 Piles: This is the extreme case when the piles are visually accessible outside the rectum. The swelling and bleeding can get serious in this stage. Surgery is the only available treatment.

What causes piles?

Following can be enlisted as the causes for Hemorrhoids:

  1. Constipation 
  2. Pregnancy:
  3. Diarrhea
  4. Heavy weight lifting
  5. Straining during excretion
  6. Genes/Family history of piles.
  7. Anal Intercourse
  8. Obesity
  9. Spending too much time sitting down on the toilet

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms of piles are similar in almost all cases.

  1. Pain in and around the rectum.
  2. Bleeding during excretion.
  3. Swelling and redness in and around the rectum.
  4. Infection and lumps in and around the rectum.
  5. Itching in and around the rectum.
  6. Uncontrolled bowel movements.

How are piles diagnosed?

When the situation gets out of hand, doctor’s advice is a must. The diagnosis begins with:

  1. A series of questions regarding the symptoms, family history, diet etc.
  2. Physical examination of the anus and the surrounding area.
  3. Digital rectal examination involves insertion of gloved fingers to check for lumps and other problems.
  4. Anoscopy involves insertion of a lighted tube to examine the inner linings.
  5. Sigmoidoscopy involves examination of the lower colon using a sigmoidoscope (flexible lighted tube).  

Treatment for piles

  • Home remedies: Treatment for piles can begin at home.
    1. Applying pure aloe vera gel to cure irritation.
    2. Using epsom salt in the bath can also prevent irritation.
    3. Witch Hazel can help with pain and itching.
    4. Avoiding the use of dry toilet papers. Using water and wipes can help prevent dryness.
    5. Cold compress can help with pain and swelling.
    6. Drinking a good amount of water throughout the day.
    7. Consuming fiber-rich vegetables and fruits. 
    8. Applying castor oil and coconut oil for preventing infection.
    9. Do not wear tight clothes.
    10. Always wear cotton clothes.
    11. Consume Psyllium Husk (a stool softener) with water, orally.
    12. Maintain hygiene. Do not sit on the toilet for too long
  • Surgery:
    1. Stapling – This is only applicable to Grade 2 piles. It involves stapling of hemorrhoids inside the anus.
    2. Banding – The method involves tying rubber bands around piles tightly to cut off blood supply.
    3. Sclerotherapy – It involves injecting chemicals to destroy the vein inside the tissue.
    4. Infrared Coagulation – It involves application to heat to destroy the hemorrhoid. 
    5. Hemorrhoidectomy – It involves removal of hemorrhoids.
  • Medication for piles is very diverse.
    • Allopathic – These medications are the most preferred types for treating piles.
      1. Over-the counter medications containing hydrocortisone, asteroid can help with inflammation.
      2. Topical treatments involving creams and gels can be equally useful. Lidocaine-hydrocortisone cream, Lignocaine 2 % gel etc., are well-known medicines.
      3. Prescription medications like Lactulose, Doxycycline tablets can help in preventing infection, softening the stool and relieving pain.
    • Ayurvedic – These medication are the most natural way of treating piles:
      1. Oral medication: It includes oral consumption of churna (powder), syrups and tablets. Samasharkara Churna, Nityodita Rasa, Arshakuthar Ras, Triphala tablets etc., are widely popular medications for piles. 
      2. Herbal application: Oils and pastes are another way of treating piles. Kāsīsādi Taila, Turmeric  and cannabis paste, and mustard oil have proven helpful.
      3. Agnikarma: Also known as Cauterization, this treatment involves burning of hemorrhoids through infrared heat. This is a very risky procedure and involves a lot of risks.
    • Homeopathic –  These medicines are gentle and can provide equal amounts of relief like any other medication. Few of the many medications that approve helpful in curing piles by rooting out its causes are:
      1. Aesculus hippocastanum: This can prove helpful in cases with severe itching, pain and swelling.
      2. Kali carbonicum: Helps in dealing with pain, bleeding and burning sensation in and around rectum.
      3. Carbo veg: Helps with swelling, burning in the rectum, liquid discharge, itching, soreness caused by piles
      4. Collinsonia: This is really helpful in treating piles in pregnant women. It deals with backache, constipation and bleeding.
      5. Arsenic album: Helps with pain and restlessness.
      6. Phosphorus: Prevents bleeding and deals with weakness causes as a result of piles.
      7. Nitric acid: This is helpful in piles that do not cause bleeding but are very painful and hang out of the rectum. 
      8. Aloe socotrina: This is a perfect treatment for protruding piles and the itching and burning caused in and around rectum.
      9. Ammonium carb: This is helpful is piles that move in and out with the passage of stool. In cases like this, the patient feels difficulty in walking.
      10. Calcarea fluorica: Helps in dealing with constipation as well as bleeding and itching caused by piles.
      11. Nux-vomica: This helps in treatment of piles caused due to bad-lifestyle habits like eating junk food, smoking, drinking etc.
      12. Pulsatilla: It helps with protruded and itchy piles.
      13. Sulphur: Sulphur helps in relieving itching and burning sensation.
      14. Graphites: They help in relieving constipation besides itching and burning near haemorrhoids. 

How does Cremaffin Plus Syrup help with piles? Can it cure piles? Can Cremaffin Plus cure piles in a month?

In minor piles cases, a laxative like cremaffin plus can be helpful by treating constipation that is responsible for causing the pain and burning sensation. The medication cannot cure piles but provides relaxation from constipation that is one major cause for inflammation of piles. This rules out the question – Can Cremaffin Plus cure piles in a month? It can provide relaxation from constipation in 1-2 days. This can help you in treating piles.


The conclusion reached on the basis of reviews provided by different consumers is as follows:

  1. A powerful medication like this is advised to be consumed only 1 time per day.
  2. Cremaffin Plus Syrup is only suitable in constipation and not other problems associated with digestion or excretion.
  3. The medicine has a 4.4 rating out of 5.
  4. Approximately 44-45% of the consumers believe it to be an excellent remedy.
  5. The most common side-effect amongst all is stomach pain followed by diarrhea.
  6. More than 60% of the people consume it with food.
  7. About 50% of the consumers believe it to be cost-efficient.

Alternatives of Cremaffin Plus Syrup, for constipation.

We have understood that constipation is an underlying reason for most of the problems associated with digestion and excretion.  

And, Syrups are easy-to-consume medication, far more convenient than tablets. This adds to why Cremaffin Plus is a preferred medication. However, It is not necessarily that the medicine provides the best results in all cases. This is where the need for substitutes arises. 

Given below are the list of the best alternative allopathic syrups for Cremaffin Plus:

  1. Colax PM Syrup
  2. Kinlax Plus Syrup Pineapple Sugar Free
  3. Laxit Plus Syrup
  4. Picofin Plus Syrup
  5. Softway Plus Syrup
  6. Alkoffin Plus Syrup
  7. Anuflo Syrup
  8. Laxobig Syrup
  9. Picsul Plus Syrup
  10. Rixifin P Syrup
  11. Kerala Ayurveda Draksharishtam
  12. Baidyanath Draksharishta
  13. Dabur Abhayarishta


A healthy and clean stomach saves a day. Constipation and piles, both, are intolerable problems associated with the human body. A medication like Cremaffin Plus Syrup can root out an underlying reason for piles – constipation. However, it is not all that is needed to rectify the situation. This medicine is one of the many steps on the path to cure piles. 

It is advised not to underestimate the symptoms as they alleviate. Piles can be hard to deal with as they get severe. The key to an easy treatment is to start it off as early as possible in the process. This eliminates the risks of surgeries that can be very painful. Being actively aware about your body and consulting an expert iimely, is the best you can do to save yourself from this horror.


Can Cremaffin Plus Syrup be used by diabetic people?

Yes, given that it’s sugar free, it can be consumed by diabetic people. Do consult a doctor before consumption.

How to store Cremaffin Plus Syrup?

TIghtly pack the container and store at room temperature.

Why is Cremaffin Plus Syrup not for children?

The syrup contains strong laxatives that may have severe side-effects on children.

For how long should the syrup be consumed?

The duration may be different depending on the results in people. There is no ideal time period.

Can Cremaffin Plus syrup’s uses include weight loss?

No, one cannot lose weight by consuming this medicine.

What to do when Cremaffin Plus syrup doesn't prove effective?

Consult a doctor for alternative medication.

Can severe piles cause cancer?

No, piles cannot cause cancer.

Can ayurvedic treatment cure piles?

Yes, the treatment has been proved to be useful since time immemorial.

Can piles return?

Recurrence of piles is dependent on the treatment. If the root cause is destroyed, the chances of return of piles is low but not impossible.

Can hemorrhoids go away without medicines?

In minor cases, they can. Treatment is required when they cause unbearable discomfort

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