Reviewing Cremaffin A to Z: Know why it is known to be the best solution for Piles!


CREMAFFIN – Allopathic medicines and their methods of treatment gained a lot of popularity upon their entry in the world. Many individuals who were allied by serious health issues like arthritis, IBS, constipation and Piles ran towards allopathic medicines to get themselves cured. The reason behind this was the efficiency with which allopathic medicines could cure certain diseases. One disease which has our attention today is Piles and how Cremaffin Plus syrup is helpful against this dreadful disease. Cremaffin syrup is one of the best allopathic medicines there is to deal with Piles in an astounding way. Without wasting any time, let’s take a deep look at what Cremaffin syrup uses as its strength which makes Cremaffin plus syrup a highly competent medicine for Piles.

Everything To Know About Cremaffin

It is important to know about what goes into making a medicine because that is what is going to help you make a decision about buying and using it. The environment in which it is manufactured, the ingredients that go in it and the problems that it tackles compose a major part of the information that must be known to you about a medicine. That is why we have gathered some basic yet important information about the product which will help you make up your mind about buying this product.

About Cremaffin

Cremaffin Syrup is a laxative at its essence which enables it to deal with problems like constipation, poor bowel movement, acidity, indigestion, ulcers and Piles. The ingredients used by the manufacturers in making this are considered to be the most efficient chemical compounds which hardly have any side effect on an individual. The syrup is meant for those who have trouble while defecating as it softens the stool by drawing water from a body with the help of one of its major ingredients. What is that ingredient, who manufactures Cremaffin, every detail is going to get discussed. Just keep reading.


Who manufactures Cremaffin?

Cremaffin syrup is manufactured by Abbott India Ltd. Abbott India has been around for a while now and it has become one of the best allopathic medicine manufacturers in the country. Reports about the manufacturing plant of Cremaffin Syrup state that it is prepared with extensive care and supervision which ensures that not a single miscalculation happens which could potentially ruin the entire batch. If there is any truth to these reports, then the medicine truly is worth your money but you must believe the reviews of the medicine and only then should you decide to buy it.

What are the ingredients used?

There are three major ingredients which are used in making Cremaffin Syrup and Cremaffin Plus Syrup. Cremaffin plus syrup uses the following ingredients as its strength against the health disorders which have been already mentioned –

  • Sodium Picosulfate – Peristalsis is the word which defines the movement of our intestines. The motion is wave-like in nature and this laxative supports that motion so that our stools can move forward.
  • Milk of Magnesia – Osmosis is the phenomenon in which matter moves from concentrated to dilute area. Milk of Magnesia uses Osmosis as its strength to provide moisture to stools so that they can soften up and move nonchalantly.
  • Liquid Paraffin – Liquid Paraffin is used as a lubricating laxative to make sure that the stools have ample amount of liquid and fat in them.

All these ingredients make it possible for the stool to pass smoothly. These ingredients, apart from Milk of Magnesia, might not have the same effect as they do when they are blended together.

What are the uses or advantages of Cremaffin?

A medicine is only going to sell when it has some major advantages which it can use to promote itself, well, Cremaffin syrup does not lack in that area as it has the following uses which also define its advantages –

  • Constipation – The laxatives used in making the syrup make it an effective remedy for constipation as it gently takes care of the issues caused due to constipation.
  • Bowel Movement – Sodium Picosulfate and Liquid Paraffin work together to ensure a smooth bowel movement so that defecation is no longer a painful affair for you.
  • Better Digestion – The syrup offers better digestion as it effectively increases the intestinal activities.
  • Sugar Free – A major advantage that this syrup has is that it comes in two flavors and is completely sugar free which means even diabetic people can use the syrup.

Apart from that, the syrup is also helpful against Piles.

What side effects does Cremaffin have?

The syrup does have a few side effects but they arise only when the syrup has been consumed beyond what is prescribed or needed. Let’s take a quick look at those side effects –

  • Diarrhea – Taking more doses than what is required would eventually cause Diarrhea.
  • Stomach Ache – Intestinal malfunctioning might cause stomach ache when the syrup is consumed more than what was needed.
  • Weakness – It is obvious that frequent visits to the washroom upon getting diarrhea will cause weakness to your body.

Apart from these side effects, the syrup must not be used by pregnant women as it might cause some serious complications.

How to consume Cremaffin?

It is easy to consume this allopathic medicine meant for curing you mainly from constipation as all you need to do is to shake the bottle well. Shake it with all the energy you got and then open the cap, pour the syrup on a tablespoon (if meant for an adult) and drink at least two tablespoons of the syrup. For children who are between the age of five to twelve, two teaspoons of the syrup would be enough and for kids aging between three to five, half teaspoon would do the job. However, it is recommended that you consult a doctor before giving the syrup to the kids. Also, you must drink a lot of water before drinking the syrup so that Milk of Magnesia can do its job well. Lastly, it would give great results when the syrup is consumed before going to bed as the syrup will have enough time to work on your problem while you are sleeping.

What is the price of Cremaffin?

The price of a medicine plays a major role in determining whether it would be bought by an individual. If the medicine is priced beyond the reach of a common man, then it might not get sold at all. Abbott India Ltd. realized this and kept the price of Cremaffin Syrup at just Rs. 180 and they also ensured that the medicine could reach the faraway corner of the country by availing it online. It can still be bought offline but for places where it is not available, Cremaffin could be bought online.

Everything To Know About Piles

Piles is what has troubled a majority of people throughout the world and many of those deny that they have Piles simply because they do not want to see themselves buried under the pile of jokes thrown at them. People make fun of this dangerous condition as if it is nothing serious, guess what, Piles is one of the most dangerous conditions which affects your physical as well as mental health. Therefore, it would be unwise to crack jokes about something this serious and what would be more unwise than that is to not know about what this disease is all about. So, let’s take a look at what Piles is.

What is Piles?

It is a condition wherein the veins around the anal region get swollen and upon the mildest exertion of pressure while defecation, these veins may rupture and cause a lot of bleeding. The loss of blood causes weakness, fatigue, stress and anxiety to the affected person and that is why Piles is considered as a highly viscous physical condition. Piles can affect a person due to a lot of reasons, but it is this very fact that makes Piles an avoidable affair. If a person is educated about what causes Piles then it would not bother him or her in the first place. So, let’s understand what causes Piles and how we can prevent it.

What causes Piles?

Piles is caused mainly due to the unhealthy food choices that an individual opts for. The spicy, oily and junk food that goes inside their bodies slowly takes a toll on them by giving them problems like indigestion, IBS, constipation, inflammation, acidity, infections etc. which contribute to the emergence of Piles. The food we eat and the environment we are surrounded by plays a major role in causing Piles and that is why it must be our responsibility to eat healthy.

How can it be prevented?

It is clearly understandable that Piles can be prevented by changing our lifestyles and eating the right food. Food which does not contain a lot of spices and oils must be our first choice so that Piles and the factors responsible for it never begin to affect us. Piles can also be prevented by involving ourselves in yoga, exercise and meditation which helps in a better digestive system. These practices will not just get you rid of Piles, but they will also help you become a better and healthier version of yourself. Therefore, you must begin following these things to ensure yourself a healthy life.

How is Cremaffin effective against Piles?

The syrup is a highly effective laxative which ensures a proper bowel movement and softens the stool at the same time. During Piles, the hard stool is likely to cause the veins to rupture which would cause a lot of bleeding, consumption of syrup would prevent that. The syrup would also help against the pain in the anal region by ensuring an effortless defecation process. Also, the syrup will cause great relief to the intestines of the affected person which will strengthen the digestive system of the person which in turn reduces the possibility of a person getting Piles by a huge margin.

What are the other treatment options available for Piles?

There is no doubt about the efficiency of allopathic medicine and treatment for Piles, but there are some limitations to allopathic treatment which makes it look weaker than its counterparts. There are two reasons which limit allopathy from unleashing its full potential against some certain diseases like Piles, those are – it provides temporary relief and only has surgery as a permanent option. That is why there is a need to consider the following alternatives to deal with Piles because you would not want to spend your hard earned money on a surgery whose success is not hundred percent guaranteed –

  • Homeopathic treatment of Piles or any other health disorders is being widely considered by a lot of people because they are now aware of the fact that homeopathy might take a long time to show its effects against their health problems but the long process ascertains permanent recovery from whatever it is they are going through. Apart from that, homeopathic medicines rarely have a side effect and that works like an added advantage.
  • Ayurvedic treatment is the oldest and most efficient method to deal with prominent health disorders which ail a person. The best part about homeopathic treatment is that it is completely natural and does not have any side effects in an ideal situation, that is, if a person is not allergic to certain ayurvedic products. The popularity of Ayurveda exists because of the fact that it does not take as long as Homeopathy and provides a permanent solution to our health problems.

These were the two treatment methods which are highly feasible and affordable by a majority of people. They are recommended because they focus on the permanent solution of a health disorder without causing any serious side effects when carried under proper guidance.

What kind of precautions should be taken?

Cremaffin syrup use must be done only after proper consultation from your doctors because using it unwisely can lead to some serious health concerns. For one, the syrup should not be consumed regularly as it would affect your digestive and excretory system since it is not a natural product. Second thing is that overconsumption of the syrup will cause loose motions, diarrhea and possibly dysentery in some cases as Cremaffin uses some really strong laxatives as its main ingredients which can cause serious damage to our digestive system when consumed without the need. Last thing is that, pregnant women must not use this syrup as the effect of this syrup on pregnant women is still unknown.

Popular Reviews

  1.     I have been having a lot of pain since the last few days and trouble while defecating. My father brought me this syrup and told me to drink it as per the directions written on the label. I did what was asked and within a few hours, the syrup showed its effect as it relieved me of the pain and helped me defecate smoothly.
  2.     It became really hard for me to sit in one place for too long in my office because the pangs occurring during constipation made it impossible for me to focus. My boss observed this and being the good boss that she is, she told me about Cremaffin. The syrup relieved me of all the troubles I was facing hours after I took the first dose.
  3.     What I learned after using Cremaffin syrup is that you must never overuse it when it does not show any effect on your problem. Instead, contact a doctor. Overconsumption of the syrup caused me a lot of trouble but that was my stupidity that led me here.
  4.     My mother-in-law was feeling constipated for a month, so I told my wife to give her this syrup named Cremaffin and when she used the syrup, her constipation problem ceased to exist after a few hours. The syrup is amazing for constipation and I recommend it to all those who have constipation problems.
  5.     I have been frequently experiencing IBS since the last few months. I tried a lot of medicines but none of them worked. So, I tried Cremaffin as a last resort and fortunately it did a great job against my IBS problem. I have also recommended this to my father who also has the same problem and he said that he is feeling much better after consuming the medicine.


To sum up everything important, Cremaffin Plus uses the strength of its strong laxative ingredients to provide amazing relief against constipation, indigestion, IBS, Piles and other major health disorders. Apart from that Cremaffin syrup price is quite affordable as it comes at just Rs. 180. The syrup is truly amazing because it also provides comfort in case of gas and acidity. It can be used by both adults and children upon consultation from the doctor. If you have anything to add or ask, then you can reach out to us by filling the following form. We will be happy to hear from your side.

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