ISABGOL – Human health issues have been around since their existence, these health issues were minor in the beginning but as time progressed they developed into life-threatening diseases which have the potential to take down entire civilizations. The best example would be that of the present nemesis that the world has been facing for two years now, that is, the coronavirus. It has shaken the world and therefore proven the fatalness of virus induced health issues. Apart from that, there are several other diseases which are common and possess way more danger to us than what we have imagined. Piles would be a great example from that lot.

There are a lot of home remedies for piles which are being used by thousands of people across the world, but none of them could mimic the iota of efficacy of an actual piles treatment. If you are unable to afford the treatment for piles, you can always turn to the medicines which are available for that. Sat Isabgol or Psyllium Husk has shown a lot of positive results for patients of piles because of some certain reasons which will be discussed further. However, it is important to know what Isabgol uses as its main powers to make health issues related to the stomach go away. Everything that you need to know about Sat Isabgol Husk is going to get explored here, so just hang in.


Everything That You Must About Sat Isabgol or Psyllium Husk

It would not be wrong to say that Sat Isabgol is basically a medical supplement which is used in cases of stomach problems like indigestion, diarrhea, irritation, cramps etc. It is because of its medical properties that it has been widely recognized and consumed by a lot of individuals who have the above-mentioned problems. Let’s take a look at everything that you should know before considering Isabgol Husk for piles.


About Sat Isabgol or Psyllium Husk

Psyllium Husk is commonly known as Isabgol among people of India, it comes in a small packet which contains about seven to eight grams of the husk which is consumed with either milk or curd to get some much needed relief from stomach problems. The fibrous nature of the husk makes it possible for it to get you free of the impact of stomach problems which have been causing troubles while defecating. The herb is an annual herb which is grown after the rainy season and it can reach a height of forty centimeters when grown in the right manner. The seeds of Isabgol are sweet, viscous, anti-inflammatory, a bit acidic and provide ease in the bowel movement making them an excellent tonic for stomach.

All the above qualities of Isabgol have made it a popular choice for stomach issues in different regions of the country. The interesting fact behind the name of Isabgol is that Isabgol is a combination of two words – Isab and Gol which means Horse’s Ear and it is because the seed of Isabgol has a similar shape as that of a horse’s ear. Apart from that, there are several names for Isabgol husk in different languages and every single one of them translates to the same definition. Isabgol seeds have about seventy percent of insoluble and thirty percent of soluble fiber which gives them a certain texture while consumed with milk and curd. This change in physical state is somehow responsible for a better bowel movement. Another thing that you must know is that the Isabgol plant’s most useful part is its husk and that is why it has so much importance.


How is Isabgol Manufactured and Who Manufactures It?

Isabgol husk is manufactured by using different kinds of mechanical methods which aim at the separation of the husk from the plant. The husk is then packaged into either small packets or big packets which are made of polyethene. These packets are sold at different prices depending on the type of quality and cost of manufacturing. West Asia is famous for production of Psyllium Husk and Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Rajasthan in India are responsible for manufacturing this essential supplement. The climatic conditions of Gujarat and Rajasthan are found to be most suitable for growing Psyllium plants because they offer the exact environment which Psyllium plants need to flourish.

Now that you are aware of the fact about how Psyllium husk is manufactured, it is time that you know about who manufactures it. In India, there are only a few brands which have their label on packets of Psyllium Husk with Telephone Brand and Dabur being the most prominent of the lot. Between these two, the Psyllium husk provided by Telephone Brand has a separate customer base because it has been into manufacturing high quality Isabgol husk longer than the rest. The iconic light green colored packet with a white colored outline is a familiar object to many eyes in India. The small packet is currently priced at about Rs. 15 and the large packet has a lot of small packets which are priced at Rs. 145. Now, it’s time we take a look at some great Isabgol uses and know about some amazing Isabgol benefits but before that we must see how it should be consumed.


How to Consume Sat Isabgol?

The first step would be to open the packet carefully because the husk might get blown away and enter your body through your nose and eyes which would be a terrible experience. So, open it with utmost caution. Now, all you need to do is to pour the husk into milk, curd or buttermilk (depending on your preference) and let the husk absorb some of the moisture. Then you can eat the mixture by using a spoon. Also, there is one important thing that needs to be taken care of – you must have a glass of water by your side so that you can chug a sip or two whenever you feel like choking. Isabgol husk is infamous for choking its consumers as it gets hardened upon mixing with curd or milk.

Uses and Benefits of Isabgol

  1. Isabgol for Constipation – Constipation has been causing a lot of trouble to many people across the world. Isabgol blends in with the stuff inside your stomach because of its great water absorbent property which ensures a great bowel movement. Upon consumption of Isabgol however, it is ensured that the persistent stools stuck in your system would find their way out. Isabgol is a great option for constipation.
  2. Isabgol for Diarrhea – The endless cycle of loose motion is brought to an end when you choose to consume Isabgol as it provides the necessary thickness to your loosened stool which makes it possible for the husk to get rid of diarrhea.


  3. Isabgol for Healthy Heart – Isabgol is famous for providing a healthy heart to its consumer because it can reduce the amount of triglycerides in the body which averts the possibility of getting a heart stroke.
  4. Management of Blood Sugar Level – Isabgol is also helpful in the management of blood sugar level and the level of insulin in the body by keeping in check the glycemic response of our body to a certain type of meal.
  5. Reduction in Appetite – If you have been eating a lot lately for whatever reasons there are, then you must consume Isabgol because it fills up your stomach really well and makes you feel like not wanting to eat anything. This slows down the calories taken in and therefore helps maintain a stable diet and weight.
  6. Weight Loss – An extension of the above-mentioned point as Isabgol reduces the amount of calories a person takes in which further helps in weight loss. Therefore, Isabgol not just keeps you less hungry, it also keeps you less heavy.


  7. Isabgol For Piles – Isabgol has been widely recommended by a lot of medical practitioners because of its ability to soften the quality of stool which makes it less painful for a person to defecate. Apart from that, there are some other major reasons which make Isabgol for piles a really great option but before jumping on to that, we must take a quick look at what piles are, what causes piles and what could be done to prevent piles.

So, these were a few uses of SAT Isabgol and how it benefits against the above-mentioned problems. Now, let’s address the main concern.


Everything to know about Piles!

  1. What is Piles?

    It is a condition wherein the person suffering from it has to go through a lot of pain, prickliness and blood while defecating. The major reasons behind development of piles are considered to be indigestion, spicy food, infection and constipation. All these factors or just a single one of them is capable of getting a person on their knees. The condition is dreaded by a lot of people and a majority of people make fun of this terrible disease which is certainly an ungentle and unwise thing to do. Doctors across the world combat this condition by taking care of the symptoms which cause piles and that is exactly how Isabgol husk for piles works.

  1. What causes piles?

    As mentioned above, the following factors are infamous for causing piles –

  • Indigestion – When you consume food which is not easy to digest either because it is too oily, too heavy or too sticky to undergo the digestion process, it becomes responsible for causing piles after some time. Indigestion often causes constipation and diarrhea which are separate enemies to deal with in case of piles. But luckily, Isabgol takes care of indigestion pretty well.
  • Spicy Food – This is something that is controllable and can be eaten in moderation. Your affinity to spicy food can land you in a lot of trouble because it has the potential to infect and damage your digestive organs by causing several chemical reactions after coming in contact with your body fluids. Therefore, it would be wise to avoid eating a lot of spicy food.
  • Infection – Both indigestion and spicy food have the caliber to destroy your internal organs by infecting them. Piles is also a result of this infection to your digestive organs.
  • Constipation – When your stool is too hard to pass through the passage, applying a lot of pressure can damage the sensitive skin around your rectum. Therefore, constipation must be taken seriously and you can use Isabgol for some instant relief from constipation.
  • Diarrhea – If your diarrhea problem continues to persist, then it can eventually lead to Piles. You can go for medication for diarrhea at an early stage before things get out of hand. Apart from that, this situation can also be prevented by consuming Isabgol with either milk or curd.
  1. What must be done to prevent piles?

    The answer is simple and the steps are easy to follow, all you need to do is to stick to some basic precautionary methods which will play an important role in not just preventing piles from getting to you, they will also work as efficient remedies against your piles problem.

  • The first thing that must be done is to not overeat. When you eat more than you should, your body eventually gives in and its digestive system does not work the way it is supposed to work. Therefore, you must keep in check the amount of chapattis you eat and the amount of junk food you consume. This will prevent indigestion.
  • Secondly, you must not eat a lot of spicy food. If you have a likeness to spicy food, you can have them once in a while but continuous consumption of spicy food can cause some serious damage to your digestive system which would further end up in you getting piles.
  • Constipation can be avoided by eating fibrous food which is available easily anywhere. Apart from that, you can include Psyllium husk or Isabgol husk in your diet to get rid of piles.
  • You can try using different types of remedies which have proven to be effective against piles. For example, you can try consuming Isabgol husk which is recommended by a lot of doctors because of its amazing properties which have already been discussed above.

So, these were a few simple steps which could be followed by a person who does not want to end up with a terrible condition like piles. If all of the above-mentioned steps are followed with due diligence, then the chances of a person getting piles get reduced drastically. It is requested to not take your health lightly because it is the reason behind your being and how long you are going to be here.

Efficacy of Isabgol For Piles

If you have not noticed how it has been emphasized time and again that Isabgol is a great alternative to battle piles, then you must take note of everything that is going to be shared here. Not to repeat what has been said earlier, but to reinforce the importance of this certain medical supplement against piles, it is imperative for us to share with you some reasons as to why Isabgol for Piles is a great remedy.

  • Isabgol is known to work against constipation by easing the bowel movement and providing the much needed moisture to your stools. This enables the stool to pass through without causing any damage to your sensitive areas.
  • Isabgol is effective against diarrhea and therefore it is helpful in fighting piles that are caused due to diarrhea.
  • Apart from being a great weight regulator, Isabgol is also an efficient appetite controller which keeps the amount of food you eat in check and thereby reducing the risk of getting piles due to indigestion.
  • Isabgol does not fall under the category of warm foods, which means it will stop the burning sensation in your digestive organs due to infection.
  • Isabgol is also effective against piles because it is fibrous and makes your stool moist, smooth and easy to pass down.

However, it is advised to follow all the above-mentioned cautions while consuming Isabgol as not following them could cause some serious health issues in the long run. Now, it is time that we take a look at some more options available for relief from piles which are a bit more long term.

Long term options for relief from piles

The three kinds of treatments which are advised for getting permanently rid of piles!

  • Homeopathic Treatment – The homeopathic treatment might come off as slow but it is effective as anything and does not have any kind of side effects. You can get yourself medicated as per this treatment for long term relief from piles.
  • Allopathic Treatment – This treatment consists of medications and surgery of which the latter is not really recommended, but it would be a good way to get permanently relieved from piles.
  • Ayurvedic Treatment – The elder brother of homeopathic treatment which has been around since ages and is known to have cured the most severe cases of piles. Therefore, it would be wise to go for an ayurvedic treatment.

If you still have any doubt about Piles or the efficacy of Isabgol against piles then you must get in touch with us by filling the following form. We will be happy to help.

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