KAYAM TABLET – The introduction of Ayurveda to the modern world has revolutionized the way it treats some of the most dangerous diseases and how effective it has turned out to be for a lot of individuals. Diseases like piles and constipation which are considered to be really dangerous are being treated with great efficacy and Kayam Churna Tablet is an Ayurvedic product that has managed to shine make its mark in a market which is saturated with a lot of Ayurvedic products and each of them claiming to be the best ayurvedic remedy for piles and constipation.

Everything You Must Know About Kayam Tablet

In this section we will be taking a look at all the essential information regarding the Kayam Churna Tablet which is known to have great effect against constipation and indigestion. It is important to understand what Kayam Tablet uses as its major strength against constipation and what Kayam Tablet dosage would be appropriate for an adult and a child. We will also know about Kayam Tablet price to see if it is affordable to all. Apart from that, we will also figure out whether Kayam Tablet is actually helpful against piles or is it just a hoax? So, without wasting any more time, let’s get right into it.

What is a Kayam Tablet?

Kayam Tablet is a proprietary Ayurvedic medicine which means that it is a registered formula which cannot be mimicked by any other Ayurvedic medicine manufacturers. It is the solid form of the popular Kayam Churna which is eaten religiously by a lot of individuals across India. The medicine focuses on treating constipation and ensuring a proper outflow of feces without exerting a lot of pressure. Kayam Tablet is now being manufactured and promoted on a large scale to ensure that people have the ease of eating the tablet anytime anywhere rather than carrying a pouch of powder which requires some extra effort to consume. The medicine is also proven to have some effect on piles.

Who manufactures Kayam Tablets?

A facility which is being carefully monitored by the expert Ayurvedic professionals is responsible for the manufacturing of Kayam Churna Tablet. This facility is owned by Sheth Brothers and they are responsible for the creation of a phenomenal ayurvedic product that is known among generations. It is because of the uniqueness of the formula which is used in making the tablet and churna that Kayam has emerged as a reliable brand among the plethora of brands that claim to produce best quality Ayurvedic products.


What is used in making Kayam Tablets?

Kayam Tablet is based on the same formula as Kayam Churna and whatever ingredients that are used in making Kayam Churna are used to make Kayam Tablet as well. Kayam Tablet majorly has the following ingredients which makes it responsible to cure several stomach ailments and also providing an ultimate protection against diseases caused due to stomach disorders 

  • Trivrit – It is a popular ayurvedic product which is highly effective against piles, constipation and worms. It works as an amazing purgative.
  • Haritaki – It is responsible to take care of the abrupt hunger pangs and the desire to eat unhealthy food which might cause a lot of troubles to your stomach in the long run.
  • Senna – It is used as an effective bowel cleanse before any surgery and makes for a great remedy against constipation.
  • Yashtimadhu – It is highly effective against digestive disorders and also keeps your weight in check.
  • Saindhava Lavana – Commonly known as Sendha Namak, it is used to provide a little bit of taste to the otherwise bland mixture but it also has some medicinal properties to it.
  • Swarjika Kshara – It is also a type of salt which is helpful in stomach disorders.

What are the advantages of Kayam Tablet?

Kayam Tablet is advantageous in the following scenarios –

  • If a person is having trouble defecating properly, then he/she must consider eating Kayam Tablet as it is an effective remedy against constipation.
  • Eating your favorite food without thinking about the next morning is made possible because Kayam Tablet ensures proper digestion.
  • Gas and acidity will no longer be an issue of concern for you as Kayam Tablet is known to have a great effect on gastric disorders, acidity, sour burps and heartburns.
  • Kayam Tablet is helpful in maintaining an overall healthy digestive system as it ensures smooth bowel movement which is responsible for the digestion of food.
  • Kayam Tablet also has great efficacy against piles as it deals with some of the major issues associated with piles in a great manner.

There are a lot more advantages of consumption of Kayam Tablets other than the ones written above, but these were worth mentioning.

What are the disadvantages of Kayam Tablet?

Kayam Tablet is a hundred percent Ayurvedic remedy which does not have any kind of disadvantages or side effects on any person. However, there might be some cases where the severity of disease was too strong that it caused the medicine to react differently, but those would be considered exceptions. Otherwise, there are no disadvantages associated with Kayam Tablets.

What are the side effects of the Kayam Tablet?

Being an Ayurvedic medicine, the chances of Kayam Tablet having any kind of side effects are highly unlikely. In fact, there is not a single side effect which can malign the reputation of the brand that Kayam has become over the years. However, there is one small thing which must get some attention from your side and it is that a pregnant woman must not consume Kayam Tablet or Churna as it might cause some serious complications during pregnancy as well as delivery. Apart from that overdose of the tablet may cause loose motions which can be cured by consuming Isabgol.

How should Kayam Tablets be consumed?

It is quite a simple process but it must be done right in order to achieve maximum benefits. All you need to do is to get yourself a glass of warm water or milk and then put a tablet in your mouth and gulp it down and then wait for the magic to happen. Even though a lot of individuals are seen consuming this tablet without talking to their doctors, it would be wise to not do the same. You must talk to your doctor in order to get maximum benefits from this tablet.

What is the price of a Kayam Tablet?

The best thing about Kayam Tablet is that it is being sold at an affordable price. The small packet of Kayam Tablet is marked at Rs. 32 and the box of Kayam Tablet is marked at Rs. 72 with the packet having as much as ten tablets while the box has thirty tablets. It would be a smart decision to go for the box because it has more tablets for a lesser price but if you cannot afford the box, then you can obviously go for the packet. Selling a medicine at an affordable price not only makes it convenient for the customer to buy it, but it also makes it possible for the brand to build a great reputation among the masses. It is a smart move on Sheth Brothers’ part that they have kept the prices of Kayam Tablets low and it is going to bring them great benefits in the long run. If you are planning to buy a Kayam Tablet then you can try buying it from 1mg.com or netmeds.com.

Everything You Must Know About Piles

The condition in which a person has to go through bleeding, prickliness, inflammation and enormous pain while defecating is known as Piles. Piles has been troubling a lot of individuals and of those individuals the majority of those who have a history of stomach health problems like poor bowel movement, indigestion, constipation and infection. There are a lot of reasons behind the occurrence of piles in a person but mainly constipation, consumption of unhealthy food and hemorrhoids are blamed for the severity of the disease. However, if the person affected by piles is aware of some early measures which when taken could prevent piles from happening in the first place. Kayam Tablet and Churna is one such early measure which provides great relief from constipation and indigestion and therefore it helps in getting rid of piles at an early level. Apart from that, there are homeopathic medicines which can prevent the worsening of piles and they are recommended by a lot of doctors across the country.

Efficacy of Kayam Tablet Against Piles

Kayam Tablet and Churna has a proven efficacy against piles because being an Ayurvedic medicine it attacks the root cause of the problem while treating the present issues associated with piles simultaneously. Issues like bleeding, pain, prickliness and hemorrhoids are dealt with great efficiency and this verifies the fact that Kayam Tablet is indeed helpful against piles. The different types of Ayurvedic herbs, seeds, and salts used in making Kayam Tablet makes it an incredible option to deal with piles. Therefore, one must use this tablet at least once to see how beneficial it is against a grave disease like piles. Of course, consultation with a doctor prior to the consumption of a tablet is duly advised.

How Does Kayam Tablet Work Against Piles?

Kayam Tablet tackles the following issues associated with piles which are either responsible for causing piles or worsening it. Let’s take a quick look at what those issues are and how Kayam Tablet takes care of those!

  • Constipation – Constipation can worsen the condition of piles in an individual as it makes it hard for that person to defecate properly. Regular consumption of Kayam Tablet can prevent constipation and provide great relief from the pain caused due to it.
  • Indigestion – Indigestion means that the food you have eaten is not getting broken down to minute particles. Kayam Tablet facilitates this process by breaking down the food particles into small pieces which can then move easily through our intestines and eventually this will help in proper defecation without any kind of troubles.
  • Gastric Disorders – Kayam Tablet works against gastric disorders which are responsible for causing cramps and the urge to use the loo. However, upon using the loo nothing but blood comes out due to application of high pressure. Kayam Tablet relieves you of your gastric disorders and thereby provides relief against piles.

Now that you know how effective Kayam Tablet is, you must not waste any time buying a packet of it.

What Precautions Must Be Taken?

It has been mentioned several times that with an Ayurvedic medicine there is not a lot of precautions that one needs to take, but if there is something that must be taken care of before, during or after getting medicated by Kayam Tablets is that you must not consume anything that would worsen your case. Alcoholic beverages and smoking is not going to help in betterment of your health, therefore it must be avoided. Pregnant women should avoid overconsumption of Kayam Tablet as it might cause some problems with pregnancy and eventually affect the delivery process.

Other Treatment Available for Piles?

Despite the fact that Kayam Tablet has the capacity to fight off some major issues which are responsible for piles, it might still not be enough to satiate some people’s thirst for better treatment options. These are some major treatments which are available for piles other than Kayam Tablet which could be considered seriously –

  • Allopathic Treatment – The best part about allopathic treatment is the fact that it will provide great relief against piles after a few minutes of consuming the tablet. But that relief would be short-lived and you will find yourself in the same trouble all over again. The story would continue to repeat until you get yourself operated on. Yes, operation or surgery for piles is the only long term solution that allopathy has to offer against piles but it is still not guaranteed that piles would not come back after operation has been done successfully.
  • Homeopathic Treatment – It is considered to be a great treatment by many individuals but is preferred only by a small faction of society because of the time duration it takes to show its true results. But if you are ready to wait for the positive results to show up, then homeopathy is a great option for you. Homeopathic treatment does not have any kind of side effects unlike allopathic treatment which give it an upper hand.

Reviews for Kayam Tablet

Following are some of the best Kayam Tablet Reviews –

  1. As a kid I used to see my maternal grandmother eat a lot of Kayam Churna. One day when I ate a lot of bananas, I felt constipated. That is when my grandmother suggested that I eat some Kayam Churna which has the same ingredients as Kayam Tablet and within hours I was relieved of Constipation.
  2. My husband used to have a lot of stomach issues and I felt like the food I cooked for him was responsible for that. Then my friend told me about Kayam Tablets and I began giving them to my husband and after a few days, there were noticeable changes in his health. He was eating whatever he wanted without facing any trouble.
  3. Working from home caused me to eat at irregular intervals which made my stomach fall sick. Everyone in my family was worried about my condition and my mother asked me to eat some of her Kayam Tablets. I resisted at first as I did not believe in Ayurvedic medicines but after eating them for a few days, my stomach got way better.
  4. My son is just sixteen years old and he already has developed some major health issues like obesity, constipation and indigestion. These three were threatening his health like hell and that is when my mother told me about Kayam Tablets. So, I immediately made my son eat them regularly and within a few days, he got better.
  5. My wife cooks very spicy food and that spicy food has often led to indigestion that troubles me at the office. So, I was looking for medical assistance and some good medicines which did not have any side effects on my health. It was then that I came across Kayam Tablet which was being promoted heavily on television. I ordered a box online and within a few days, my indigestion problem got solved.


A lot of questions must have been answered and a lot of doubts must have been cleared by the end of this blog. Kayam Tablet and it’s efficacy against different stomach problems like indigestion, constipation, ulcers and gastric disorders is proven as it is certified by different medical labs which confirm the same. Therefore, if you are looking for a natural treatment for any of the above stomach disorders, you must consider the Kayam Tablet as a primary option because not only is it effective, it is also highly affordable. If you still have any doubts, you can fill up the following form and we will get in touch with you at the earliest.

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