Using Lactifiber Powder against piles: Know why homeopathic doctors prefer recommending it over others!


Piles has become a known disease because of how it has affected a lot of people across the globe and that has mandated the need of treating this disease with everything that we have got. Piles can be treated by natural, homeopathic and allopathic methods and today we will take a look at a product which helps against Piles by providing relief against constipation, that is, Lactifiber Powder.

Everything To Know About Lactifiber Powder

Lactifiber Powder is essentially a laxative which ensures the proper flow of stools by providing it the much needed moisture and push. The powder is manufactured under the expert supervision of Sun Pharmaceuticals’ team who aim to provide the best quality without making any compromises with the safety of the work environment. Lactifiber Powder is also available in the form of a syrup and you can know more about that by clicking here.

What are the ingredients used?

Lactifiber Powder majorly has two ingredients which are responsible for its efficacy against constipation and poor bowel movement. Manufacturers of Lactifiber powder use Lactitol and Ispaghula Husk which provide the powder the ability to combat the diseases that it is supposed to fight off. Lactitol provides the powder the qualities of a laxative which ensure softening of bowel and Ispaghula husk gives the powder the ability to make bowels move forward without any efforts. These two work together to provide a person a painless defecating experience.

What are the uses or advantages of Lactifiber Powder?

Lactifiber is known for its amazing work against health conditions like constipation, indigestion and poor bowel movement. Lactifiber powder uses and benefits are mentioned as follows –

  • Constipation – If you have been feeling constipated for a while for whatever reason, then Lactifiber is recommended as Lactifiber powder uses the fibrous nature of Ispaghula husk to ensure that constipation is completely eliminated.
  • Indigestion – Lactifiber is a great laxative which has also proven beneficial for the digestive system when consumed with milk.
  • Poor Bowel Movement – A poor bowel movement can be a painful experience which can be avoided by using Lactifiber. Lactifiber Powder has lactitol which ascertains a proper bowel movement.


Lactifiber Powder’s Efficacy Against Piles

Piles cannot be treated by Lactifiber powder as it has a lot more to it than just constipation, indigestion and poor bowel movement. The disease is dreaded because of the pain, discomfort, bleeding and inflammation that it brings. What Lactifiber Powder does against piles is that it fights causes like constipation, indigestion and poor bowel movement by making use of its ingredients. Therefore, it can be used as a health supplement and it is because of its amazing qualities that homeopathic doctors often recommend this to their many patients.

What are the possible side effects of Lactifiber Powder?

Lactifiber Powder has been around for quite some time and during its stay, the experts managed to figure out how it is going to negatively affect an individual. These are some of the most prominent ways by which Lactifiber can affect a person in a bad manner

  • Diarrhea – Overconsumption of Lactifiber can lead to diarrhea which in turn will cause many other health issues like weakness, drowsiness and body pain.
  • Abdominal Pain – Lactifiber powder can cause a great deal of pain in the abdominal region because it directly affects the intestines and digestive system.
  • Flatulence – It is one of the major lactifiber powder side effects which can prove harmful to a person as it basically the formation of gas within the intestines.

Apart from these, there are some side effects but they are not as noteworthy as those that are written here.

How to consume Lactifiber Powder?

There is no rocket science involved in the consumption of Lactifiber Powder. Lactifiber powder usage can be carried out by pouring the content of the packet in milk or water and consuming it immediately. The powder should be consumed either when you are eating food or right after you are done eating. It should be noted that the quantity of powder should be in accordance with what your doctors have prescribed. For further guidance, you can ask your doctors as they know better than anyone else about the matter.

What is the price of Lactifiber Powder?

Lactifiber powder price should not be much of your concern as the manufacturers have ensured that the powder adheres to the highest quality standards while being affordable to every single person. The price of the powder is capped at Rs. 350 for 180 grams and it can be bought from any nearby medical store as well as from any online medical store. It can also be bought for a discounted price from While the price of the medicine might seem a little too high, it is worth every single penny and that is why many homeopathic doctors recommend it.


Lactifiber powder is recommended by a majority of homeopathic doctors for treating conditions like constipation, indigestion, poor bowel movement and even piles. However, it is not really beneficial for piles in the long run but due to its ability to provide immense relief from the factors that cause piles, it is recommended for piles as well. The price of the product is capped at a maximum of Rs. 350 and it could be bought from anywhere easily. Lastly, the product is safe to consume with proper guidance from doctors and overconsumption might lead to some serious health hazards. To know more about anything that is health related, you can call us or fill up the following form.

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