Is Lactifiber the right medication for piles? Know all the upsides and downsides here.


There are thousands of medicines for thousands of diseases and each of them claims to be the best of their lot, but the truthfulness of their claim gets under a question mark when these medicines fail to deliver. That is why we need medicines who stand true to their claims and provide the relief which they have promised their consumers. Medicines like Lactifiber are a great example of medicines made of natural ingredients which deliver exactly what they have promised. Lactifiber powder uses its natural ingredients like ispaghula husk to make sure that the consumer does not have to go through the pain of constipation ever again. Today we will go through the detailed analysis of lactifiber granules and lactifiber powder uses and benefits.

Everything To Know About Lactifiber

Lactifiber powder, lactifiber syrup and Lactifiber Granules are three available forms of the natural medicine we are about to discuss. As you can see, we have used the word “natural” quite a few times to emphasize on the type of medicine. Lactifiber is a hundred percent natural medicine which works as an efficient laxative and bowel movement improver. The medicine has gained a lot of popularity among the masses for its usefulness against constipation, stiffness in stomach, gastric disorders and even piles. Yes, Lactifiber is an effective natural remedy for piles and it is being widely used for the same purpose.

What You Must Know About Lactifiber!

Lactifiber powder use is recommended for those who are having troubles while defecating. For example, if a person has to exert a lot of pressure while excreting then the chances of him having constipation are very high and that is where Lactifiber comes into the picture. An extremely potential laxative agent which is going to work for the benefit of your intestines and digestive system by providing you an excellent bowel movement is what defines Lactifiber the best. In case of any discomfort with excretion, you must use this efficient product once to see how it is going to solve that problem for you.

Who manufactures the Lactifiber?

It is very important for a medicine to come from an environment which is free of any kind of harmful agents which can probably render the medicine useless by tampering with its originality. Luckily, Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is extremely careful while manufacturing Lactifiber and their team of experts has ensured that each and every single granule of Lactifiber has nothing in it which can jeopardize the image of Lactifiber, Sun Pharmaceuticals or any other medicine produced by them. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that Lactifiber is manufactured in a suitable environment.

What are the ingredients used?

Although the majority of ingredients used in making Lactifiber are ispaghula husk and lactitol, there are some other ingredients which are incorporated to make sure that the medicine delivers best results. This natural remedy for constipation uses ispaghula husk’s physical and chemical properties to its advantage to provide a smooth bowel movement which in turn ensures proper passage of stool by softening it. Apart from that lactitol is present to make the work of ispaghula husk easier by acting like a catalyst and adding more laxative strength to the entire mixture and thereby making it more effective.


What are the uses or advantages of the Lactifiber?

Lactifiber as a laxative is advantageous for the following conditions and can be used to tackle the same with great efficiency –

  • Constipation – The problem of constipation is quite a common phenomenon in the world and it has harmed a lot of people as it makes them put a lot of pressure on their sensitive area while excreting. Use of Lactifiber cures a person completely of this condition by providing them the much-needed fiber which helps them get a better digestion, softens the stool and therefore ensures a great bowel movement. Constipation and the other problems associated with it just vanish upon consumption of Lactifiber.
  • Indigestion – Indigestion is also the reason for many stomach health issues which has ailed a lot of individuals across the country and the world. Therefore, it is imperative to tackle it with effective medicines. Experts have recommended a fibrous laxative for that and what other than Lactifiber would be better to fill that place? Lactifiber ensures a great digestive system by relieving a person from indigestion as it is rich in fiber and works amazingly against problems associated with indigestion.

So, these were the two major advantages and uses of Lactifiber. Apart from these, there are hardly any noteworthy advantages of Lactifiber powder and granules, but that does not stop it from being highly recommended by a lot of experts.

What are the possible disadvantages of the Lactifiber?

Lactifiber does not possess a lot of disadvantages as it is made up of some really simple natural ingredients, however, it does have a few points which might be a matter of concern for many. These are –

  • Dehydration – The fibrous and absorbent nature of ispaghula husk is what causes the lack of water in a person. Therefore, it is advisable that a person must consume a lot of water after consuming Lactifiber as it will not just help against dehydration. It will also help Lactifiber in softening your stool. Also, water is needed to ensure that the medicine reaches every part that it should reach.
  • Gas formation in intestines – The formation of gas, despite being a highly unlikely event to happen, is still a possibility which should concern the consumer. The formation of gas in the intestine leads to some serious stomach health complications which can be avoided by consulting with your doctor and moderating the amount of Lactifiber intake.
  • Stomach Aches – The softening of tight stool is going to have some effect on your body and stomach ache is one of them. Although stomach aches are a frequent phenomenon, they can be avoided by proper consultation from the doctor.

It might occur to you that Lactifiber has more disadvantages than advantages, but please don’t let that make you underestimate the value of Lactifiber as a highly efficient medical supplement against constipation. Now we will take a look at the side effects that Lactifiber has, but again, it is requested to have faith in the efficacy of the medicine.

What side effects does Lactifiber have?

The most troublesome aspects of consumption of Lactifiber because of its ability to affect the digestive system as a whole are as follows –

  • Diarrhea – Since the medicine is a laxative, the chances of it overacting become high at some times which causes diarrhea. It can be prevented by either moderating the amount of medicine or consulting with the doctor.
  • Obstruction of Intestines – The medicine causes obstruction to the movement of food inside the intestine sometimes.
  • Bloating – The swelling of the stomach upon consumption of medicine is also noticed.
  • Flatulence – Lactifiber can cause the gases inside our stomach to accumulate and thereby making it very unpleasant for us.
  • Pain in Abdominal Region – Due to the obstruction of intestines, bloating and flatulence, pain in abdominal region is observed among many users.

How to consume Lactifiber?

This is the most fun part about Lactifiber as it is very easy to consume and does not involve any complicated steps. All you gotta do is to mix the powder, granules or syrup in a glass of lukewarm milk and stir it well. Keep stirring until the powder or granules completely get mixed in the milk. Then, you can chug the semi-liquid down and forget about the problem of your constipation. It is advisable that you should get in touch with your doctor before doing so as he or she would know better about some certain things related to the consumption of medicine.

What is the price of Lactifiber?

Lactifiber comes in a lot of shapes and sizes. Yes, it is available in the form of granules, powder and syrup and depending on the type of Lactifiber, the prices vary for each of the variants. The maximum price for Lactifiber granules stands at Rs. 400 for the 180 grams box and although it might seem a bit expensive, the effectiveness of the product makes up for that. Even though there are some arguments against the expensiveness of the product, the consumers still prefer it over the other attempts to mimic the product.

Everything To Know About Piles

A common yet fearful disease which has successfully ruined lives of many people across the world would be a perfect way to define the chaos that piles have brought with it. The condition is associated with our digestive system and how the smallest blunder from our side regarding our food choices can lead to the emergence of this dreaded condition. It is advisable to involve yourself with some healthy food habits so that the condition could be avoided and no major damage is taken by you. Now, let’s take a look at what the condition is about, what causes it, how to prevent it and how Lactifiber is going to work against it.

What are piles?

The condition wherein the soft skin of our rectum depletes and can get easily damaged upon exerting too much force while defecating thereby causing us to bleed is known as Piles. It is exactly as terrible as it has been defined and there is no way you can understand it better by any other definition. The condition has caused a lot of trouble to those who have a weak digestive system, constipation and poor bowel movement. It can be cured either by getting properly medicated or by surgery.

What causes piles?

Piles is caused due to a number of factors and it worsens because of the same factors. For starters, piles are caused when the veins of our anus begin to swell and cause a lot of pain and bleeding. Secondly, it is also caused due to indigestion of food as it is directly responsible for a poor bowel movement. Third reason is that spicy, oily and junk food directly attacks our digestive system and lowers its efficiency manifolds. Apart from these, conditions like diarrhea, constipation, gastric disorders worsen the problem and take a physical and mental toll on your bodies.

How can it be prevented?

Piles is totally preventable as it is largely caused due to the kind of food that we eat. By limiting the amount of food we eat and adapting to several other moderations while cooking and consuming food can help big time against piles. Apart from that, it would be really great to eat fibrous food which would help in a great bowel movement. You must avoid eating spicy, oily and junk food which is hot in nature and causes several gastric disorders which could eventually cause piles. You can try consuming cold stuff like curd or buttermilk to get some relief in case you feel any kind of problem while defecating. Also, it would be wise to consult with a doctor. 

How is Lactifiber effective against piles?

Like it has been said, Lactifiber is a laxative which ensures a smooth bowel movement and a majority of people who are troubled with piles have this one thing in common – they all feel enormous pain while defecating. That is where Lactifiber comes in as it not only smoothens the bowel movement due to it being extremely fibrous in nature, it also ensures that no pressure is exerted on the sensitive areas while unloading. Apart from that, Lactifiber helps against constipation which is a major factor that causes piles. Therefore, consumption of Lactifiber is a safe bet to fight against piles and its symptoms.

What kind of precautions should be taken?

The precautions must be taken depending on the side effects caused by Lactifiber. By now you are well aware of the side effects caused due to overconsumption of the product and that is why you must take the following precautions –

  • Enforce Limitation – You must know when to stop the consumption of Lactifiber in a single day.
  • Timings – It is recommended that you follow a certain schedule for consuming the medicine as this will help the body know about when to react with the medicine.
  • Check the Diet – Sometimes your diet might be responsible for the reactions caused by the medicine, therefore, you must keep your diet in check.
  • Consult a Doctor – You must consult a doctor as a doctor is the best person who can educate you about the medicine and its usage.
  • Quit on Time – You must know when the time has come for you to quit consuming the medicine.

You must follow these precautions to make sure that you do not have to go through any kind of side effects which are possessed by this medicine.

Popular Reviews For Lactifiber Granules and Powder

  1.     Lactifiber Granules were introduced to me by my mother when I was facing a lot of stomach issues. I never felt light no matter how many times I used the bathroom. This feeling of constipation went away when I consumed Lactifiber on a regular basis and my digestive system got better as well.
  2.     Being a student, having a poor digestive system is a miserable situation. My indigestion never seemed to go away even after taking so many medicines. So, my elder brother told me about Lactifiber Powder and I used the powder regularly for a few months and the improvements were visible.
  3.     My wife used to cook very spicy food and that is why my stomach used to remain upset. Every single day a new issue used to come up, acidity, gas, constipation, indigestion you just name it. So, a medical shop owner offered me Lactifiber when I told him about my condition. Surprisingly, the medicine worked for me and I am a healthy man now.
  4.     My sixty year old mother had the problem of constipation and she had been trying all the medical supplements meant for that, but nothing really worked. So my friend told me about Lactifiber and I brought her that. To much of her amazement, the product worked on her and she often recommends this product to her friends.
  5.     Lactifiber was responsible for me getting diarrhea and bloating. It did not suit me at all and I would not recommend this product to anyone. It works for constipation, but unwise consumption of the same causes some serious health concerns.



It is safe to assume that by now you are aware of the effectiveness of Lactifiber as an amazing laxative which is highly beneficial against problems like constipation, indigestion and poor bowel movement. The price of the medical supplement is appropriate and affordable because it is also used for treating piles. Piles is taken care of by Lactifiber as it betters the bowel movement and gives relief from the pain caused during defecation. If you have any doubts about anything related to any disease or medicine, then you can fill up the following form and we will promptly get in touch with you.

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