Using Lavan Bhaskar churna for piles: Is it the right call for patients?


Inclusion of Ayurveda to modern medical treatments turned out to be a boon for many as it treated a lot of serious diseases with its astonishing natural remedies which did not have a single side effect. The ancient knowledge of dealing with health disorders enlightened many experts about how to treat a disease with great proficiency. There were many herbs, flowers, fruits and salts which gained value after Ayurveda entered their lives and today we will make an in-depth analysis of an Ayurvedic product which is essentially a culmination of healthy salts and is known as Lavan Bhaskar. Lavan Bhaskar is an Ayurvedic remedy which is used to deal with many stomach health issues and we will also see how it is beneficial against piles.

Who manufactures Lavan Bhaskar Churna?

Lavan Bhaskar Churna is manufactured by organizations like Dabur, Patanjali, Baidyanath, Zandu and many more. Those that are named here are preferred by a majority of people in India. Lavan Bhaskar Churna is distributed across India by them only and the price varies according to the brands and qualities of their respective products.

What are the ingredients used?

The list of ingredients used in making this churna is quite long because it contains a lot of naturally occurring salts and spices which are blended together by a long process. To name a few of the ingredients used in making Lavan Bhaskar Churna, Sendha Namak, Kala Namak, Samudra Namak, Jeera, Tej Patra, Kala Jeera, Kala Mool, Kali Mirch and Dal Chini would be enough. If a person is knowledgeable enough then he or she can make the mixture at their home only. The process of making Lavan Bhaskar Churna can be learned from YouTube or any Ayurvedic website.

What are the uses or advantages of Lavan Bhaskar Churna?

Lavan Bhaskar Churna uses the medicinal properties of the many salts which are present in it to deal with the following problems –

  • Constipation – A condition wherein the exit of feces becomes extremely difficult is cured by Lavan Bhaskar.
  • Rheumatism – The pain in bones or joints is also helped by using Lavan Bhaskar.
  • Abdominal Pain – Pain in the abdominal region due to malfunctioning of intestines is relieved by consuming Lavan Bhaskar.
  • Acidity – Spicy and oily food are responsible for this condition. Lavan Bhaskar takes care of it pretty well.
  • Loss of Appetite – Consumption of Lavan Bhaskar will increase your appetite and improve your digestive system.
  • Stomach Irritation – Stomach irritation caused due to any reason is cured by Lavan Bhaskar.

Apart from these, Lavan Bhaskar is also helpful against piles. Let’s see how it does the work against piles.


Efficacy of Lavan Bhaskar Churna Against Piles

Lavan Bhaskar Churna has a great efficacy against Piles as it provides relief from the following problems –

  • Constipation – Constipation is infamous for causing injuries in the sensitive areas while defecating. Lavan Bhaskar deals with constipation and helps protect the sensitive skin from any damage.
  • Indigestion – Indigestion causes a great deal of pain during piles and Lavan Bhaskar strengthens our digestive system thereby helping against piles.
  • Hemorrhoids – Hemorrhoids problem is resolved upon regular consumption of Lavan Bhaskar.
  • Malabsorption – Inability of the small intestine to absorb nutrition is dealt with great efficiency by Lavan Bhaskar.

All these factors make Lavan Bhaskar an excellent remedy for piles.

What are the side effects of Lavan Bhaskar Churna?

Lavan Bhaskar side effects are hardly present because it is a natural product which is made up of natural ingredients only. However, overconsumption of Lavan Bhaskar might cause some serious health issues like irritation in the stomach and burning sensation in the digestive system. It should also be noted that the mixture is high on natural salts and therefore kidney and hyperacidity patients should not consume the churna.

How to consume Lavan Bhaskar Churna?

The consumption of Lavan Bhaskar Churna must be done only after you have consulted with your doctor and he or she has given a go ahead to you. For consuming Lavan Bhaskar, you need to take ¼th tablespoon of the salt and chug it down with a glass of water. It is advisable for pregnant women to not use this churna as it might cause harm to the babies.

What is the price of Lavan Bhaskar Churna?

Dabur Lavan Bhaskar Churna price is marked at Rs. 80 and the same product is marked at Rs. 61 by Patanjali. Now, it is up to the consumers where they would purchase the products from. Both the products have the same ingredients and same salts, the only difference lies in the packing and brand value of the product. But if you are still confused about which one to buy, then we will recommend you to buy the cheaper version from Patanjali as it is more reliable as a brand and more affordable than Dabur.


Ayurvedic products like Lavan Bhaskar are quite rare as they offer an overall recovery from major stomach health disorders and also help keep our minds at peace because the stomach-mind connection is extremely strong. Also, the affordability of the product makes it a feasible option to go for when you are low on budget and want high returns on less investment. Also, the fact that the churna has many major ayurvedic and natural ingredients makes it safe to consume as they do not really have any side effects. If there is anything else that you wish to know about Lavan Bhaskar or any other Ayurvedic medicine, you can approach us by filling the form given below.

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