NUX VOMICA 200 – Piles or also known as hemorrhoids are often a result of strain during bowel movement, obesity, or pregnancy. This happens when the body gives pressure to the veins around the anus area. This pressure can be because of anything including continuous sitting in one position, obesity, indigestion, constipation, etc. This pressure makes the blood clot in the veins around the anal area. Due to this extra pressure, the blood veins get swollen making it painful and itchy. It also causes bleeding from there. While piles is a very common problem, it is usually ignored and not talked about as it is related to the personal parts of a human body. But if ignored for a long time, it can become severe and cause trouble. The symptoms of piles are following-

  1. A lump around the anus
  2. Bleeding during or after a bowel movement
  3. Pain during or after a bowel movement
  4. Itching around anus
  5. Constipation feeling 

A study shows around 55% to 60% of people around the world face piles, at least once in their lifetime. As there are so many people suffering from the disease, it was very important to find a cure for it. While there are many medicines known to treat piles, nux vomica 200 is also talked about by experts to treat it. As everyone has a different opinion on it, here is some information that can help you understand if nux vomica 200 is really effective for piles or not.

But before knowing about the medicine, it is good to know about the disease first to understand how it actually cures it.

 Types of Piles

Piles are actually of two types, Internal Piles and External piles.

  1.     Internal Piles- Internal piles happen in the anal canal. In the worst scenarios, it can hang out of the canal.
  2.     External piles- External piles happen close to the anus. They can be painful if blood lumps are formed.

There are several problems that can be faced because of piles. Some of the common problems are-

  1. A lump that is hard and might be painful can be felt inside the anus. It can be filled with clotted blood.
  2. Even after passing the stools, a feeling of a full bowel might be there.
  3. Blood visible after a bowel movement
  4. Anus and the area around it are itchy, red, and sore.
  5. While passing a stool, Pain might be felt.

 Piles can lead to some severe conditions if not being treated on time. These severe conditions are-

  1. Excessive bleeding from the anal, that can lead to anemia
  2. Severe infection around the anal and anal canal
  3. Not being able to control bowel movement
  4. Blood clot due to strangulated hemorrhoid (In this, the blood supply to the hemorrhoid is cut off)



nux vomica 200 ch is being used by doctors for years to treat many diseases and disorders. It is one of the reliable medicines among homeopathic doctors. It has many benefits regarding health and treatment. Some of the nux vomica 200 uses are given below.



  1.     Treating Digestive disorders- There are many disorders that are related to digestion. The condition of someone’s body majorly depends on its digestion. Digestive disorders like gastroesophageal reflux disease ( GRED) acidity, constipation diarrhea, heartburn, nausea, pain, vomiting, bleeding can be treated and cured by Nux vomica 200.
  1.     Circulatory system- Circulatory system is a system made up of veins and arteries that is responsible to carry the blood flow. It helps spread oxygen and other nutrients in the body. Circulatory systems can also get affected by many diseases like Heart Attack, Atherosclerosis, Mitral stenosis, Arrhythmia and dysrhythmia, and Cardiac Ischemia, etc. Nux vomica 200 is also proven to improve circulatory system conditions and prevent these types of diseases. 
  1.     Lung Diseases-  Some most experienced lung diseases care asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung infection( pneumonia) and lung cancer, etc. The medicine Nux vomica 200 is also proved to be good at improving lung condition.

Along with that, Nux vomica 200  is also used to cure some acute and short-term problems like headache, migraine, nausea, pain, menopause, low appetite, weak eyesight, etc.


Now that you know all the benefits of Nux vomica 200, see how this medicine is effective in piles

  1. One of the main reasons why Nux vomica 200 is very effective in piles is that it helps in improving digestion. Poor digestion is the biggest reason for piles and this medicine has proved to be a great cure for that.
  2. In the case of external piles, blood clotting can occur that further lead to a painful motion. The pain can even be felt while sitting anywhere normally. As it takes good care of the circulatory system, it can help prevent blood clotting.
  3. Pain and irritation are also felt in piles. It can reduce the suffering by killing the pain that can give the patient a little more comfort.


The active ingredient of Nux vomica 200 is Strychnos nux-vomica. These are tree leaves that are found in China, East India, and Australia.



The dosage of nux vomica 200 completely depends on the disease. For different diseases, the dosages are also different. Nux vomica 200 dosages for piles also depends on several; factors like the age and condition of the patient. So, it is advisable to consult a doctor before starting on these medications.



For different pharmaceutical companies, the prices are also different but in general, its price lies between the range of 80 INR to 140 INR.


We hope that you have a much clear idea of nux vomica and its uses, benefits and side effects now. You can purchase it online or walk into a medical store. But, please make sure that you are careful about your diet and daily activities when you’re battling with piles.

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