Piles has become a serious health concern which has been troubling a lot of individuals across the world. All the people who are ailed by piles are often found looking for the treatment of this excruciating disease. It is because of the nature of the disease that it has pushed a lot of people to go for different types of treatments and homeopathic medicines form a great component of those treatments. There are many homeopathic medicines which are used against piles, one of those is Nux Vomica. Here, we will take a good look at every important information about Nux Vomica 30 and all its variants such as Nux Comics 30 CH, Nux Vomica 200 and Nux Vomica 200 CH.

Everything You Must Know About The Medicine

Nux Vomica is a homeopathic medicine which has found its application in many health disorders which can affect the functionality of an individual. Apart from being a great medicine for stomach swelling, constipation, indigestion, nausea and vomiting, the medicine is also useful in treating erectile dysfunction. The sad part, however, is that there is no concrete proof which verifies the efficacy of this medicine against the above stated health disorders. But the best part is that it is still being used by thousands of patients and a majority of them have a positive response to this.

What is this medicine?

Nux Vomica is a homeopathic medicine which is devised in accordance with the basic rules of homeopathy to cure a certain person of their health issues which are mentioned above. Nux Vomica, the medicine, is obtained from the plant of the same name which is found in parts of China, eastern region of India and Australia. The seeds of the plant are used to make the medicine and these seeds must be processed finely before consumption because consumption of raw seeds of Nux Vomica might even cause death. Yes, such is the extent of danger of Nux Vomica seeds.

The most prominent use of Nux Vomica is found in treating the problem of infertility in men. Men who have lost their ability to reproduce because of whatever reasons can regain their strength by consuming this medicine upon proper consultation from their doctors. It is also recommended to not consume the medicine without getting proper guidance from your doctors as it will only cause mental as well as physical damage to your body.

Who manufactures the medicine?

Nux Vomica seeds are processed into medicines by a lot of homeopathic manufacturers across the world. In India, however, there are only a few manufacturers who have the resources to manufacture this medicine. Nux Vomica homeopathy medicine is majorly produced by Arati Agro in India and it is distributed across the nation by their capable supply chain system. Apart from them, SBL is also a major player behind the creation and distribution of Nux Vomica in the country. SBL is considered to be the most trusted brand because of the quality of the medicine they manufacture. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that it has established its monopoly in the market due to its superior quality homeopathic products.

What is used in making the medicine?

Nux Vomica seeds have two important chemicals which define both the efficacy and dangerousness of the medicine. It has strychnine and brucine. They both are highly toxic and strychnine is infamous for causing adverse effects on our nervous system. Prolonged exposure to strychnine might even cause death in some cases, therefore, it would be unwise to keep consuming Nux Vomica even after knowing this scary fact. The two ingredients used in making the medicine are also responsible for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and infertility in men.


What are the uses of the medicine?

Any medicine is as good as its efficacy against some certain health disorders. Nux Vomica uses its key ingredients as its strength to provide some much needed relief from the following health disorders –

  • Erectile Dysfunction – The inability of penis to stay erect for a decent amount of time is called erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is caused due to stress, anxiety, unhealthy lifestyle which includes overconsumption of alcohol and cigarettes. Nux Vomica is used to treat this problematic health disorder which is both psychological and physical in nature.
  • Constipation – The condition wherein a person is unable to get a smooth outflow of their stools because they are too hard to leave without going through a lot of pain and a lot of effort. Nux Vomica 200 uses its formula to fight constipation effectively.
  • Anger Management – Surprisingly, Nux Vomica 200 uses its strength to favor anger management among individuals who have a tendency to go through a lot of mood swings.
  • Nausea – Nux Vomica is also famous for its application against Nausea. It has cured a lot of people who had this problem for a long time.
  • Stomach Swelling – Eating random food at random hours of the day may cause some serious stomach health disorders which could have been avoided if you were careful with your food choices. Nux Vomica uses its chemicals to tame the swelling of the stomach.
  • Indigestion – Another problem which is caused due to overeating or eating a lot of spicy food which causes sour burps and acidity among people. Indigestion could be treated by using Nux Vomica.
  • Vomiting – Another important health issue which uses all the variants of Nux Vomica available in the market. Nux Vomica is found to be effective against vomiting and a poor state of stomach due to gas.

When should you consider Nux Vomica and its variants for yourself?

Let’s make one thing clear that homeopathic medicines should be considered only when you are patient enough for their effects to get truly visible upon yourself. Homeopathic medicines are quite infamous for the long time they take to improve the health of an individual but Nux Vomica is an exception and here is when you should consider this medicine –

  • Digestive Issues – When your body does not have a great digestive system, it is highly likely that you would need this medicine to tackle problems like indigestion, constipation, heartburn and nausea. These digestive issues often cause piles which are in a different league altogether, which means you should consider taking this medicine to get relieved from the above stated digestive issues.
  • Infertility – The problem of male infertility is tackled with great efficiency by this medicine. It will bring back the joy of being a father in your lives by using its excellent formula which is manufactured with great care and precision.
  • Irritability – The mood swings of a person are dealt with by using this medicine as it allows that person to get rid of irritability. Irritability is a cluster of many symptoms which eventually causes a person to be mentally distressed.
  • Stress – Underestimation of this health disorder would be a crime as it has affected a lot of individuals across the world and one of the best ways to deal with it is to consume this medicine which is known to have great impact on the nervous system of a person. Therefore, the medicine could be considered when you are stressed.
  • Headaches and Migraines – These two are infamous for causing great discomfort to an individual because they attack both physical and mental health of a person. While headaches affect the mind and eyes, migraine has the potential to get to your nerves literally. Therefore, you must consume Nux Vomica while suffering from Headaches and Migraines.

When should you not consider Nux Vomica and its variants for yourself?

While it is important to know when a person should eat a certain medicine, it is equally important to know when a person should not do that. A person must keep a distance from Nux Vomica and its variants when they have the following conditions –

  • Liver Problems – Strychnine is infamous for harming the liver of a person by poisoning it and sadly, strychnine is one of the major elements that is used to manufacture Nux Vomica. A person who has a history of liver conditions and has a weak liver, must not consume the medicine in question as it will worsen their condition and will eventually cause them to die.
  • Breathing Issues – If you have breathing issues and you do not want to worsen it, then you must not consume Nux Vomica in high doses or even in small quantities. Nux Vomica is harmful for people who have breathing issues.
  • Stiff Back –  Stiffness in back is reported in many consumers of the medicine. Therefore, it is not advised for people who have to sit for long hours at their offices or homes to consume this medicine.
  • Seizures – If you have a history of having seizures due to whatever reasons, you must not consider having this medicine as it is responsible for multiple instances of seizures among its consumers.
  • Mental Disorder – If you have any kind of mental disorder which might get worsened upon consuming Nux Vomica, then you must not try it as it has an adverse effect on the nervous system of its consumers.

If you have any of the above-mentioned problems, then you should definitely keep a safe distance from Nux Vomica.

How to consume Nux Vomica?

Now that you are aware of how advantageous and disadvantageous Nux Vomica’s consumption could be, it can be assumed that you have made a decision about the medicine. If the decision is positive, then you should know how to consume the said medicine. Well, it is easy because all that is needed to be done is to pour two drops of the medicine directly on your tongue. Yes, it is that simple and easy. However, it is recommended that doctor’s advice must be solicited before consuming the medicine.

What are Nux Vomica side effects which should be paid attention to?

It is impossible for a medicine to not have any kind of side effect, especially if it is not Ayurvedic. Despite being one of the best medicines available in the market for the diseases which are mentioned above, Nux Vomica does have a few side effects of which the major ones are these two –

  • Brain Damage – The ingredients used in making this medicine have a direct effect on our brains which might make us lose our ability to think and perceive. Now, it would not be a great thing to get rid of piles only to end up in a brain dead situation, right? Therefore, it is advised to not consume this medicine without proper consultation and guidance.
  • Death because of strychnine build up – The build up of strychnine in our body begins with liver and soon it takes over the entire body thereby deteriorating the overall health of an individual to the extent of death.

Everything You Must Know About Piles

Piles is a condition which affects the digestive system, excretory system and nervous system of a person. The last system mentioned here might come off as a shocker to you but the stomach-mind bond is way stronger than anything. When a person sees their own blood bathing their stools, it takes a toll on their mental health. Piles is dreaded because it not just affects you physically, it also has the ability to drive you insane by the way it affects the way you do certain things. Piles is caused due to indigestion, constipation, infection, inflammation and appearance of hemorrhoids at the sensitive area of your anus. Consumption of spicy food for a long time does a lot of damage to your digestive system which hinders the way by which your body processes the food that goes in, therefore, it is advised to not eat a lot of spicy food if you do not want to go through the terrible experiences caused due to piles.


Efficacy of Nux Vomica Against Piles

By now, you are aware of the fact that Nux Vomica effectively treats indigestion, constipation, stomach swelling, stress and anxiety. The preceding fact implies that Nux Vomica fights against the major symptoms of Piles and that means Nux Vomica is effective against Piles as it provides our bodies great relief from the symptoms which cause Piles. Therefore, it is safe to assume that Nux Vomica can be used to treat piles and it must be used only after proper consultation from a doctor has been taken.

How Does Nux Vomica 30 and Nux Vomica 200 Work Against Piles?

The medicine is known to be effective against constipation. It helps in providing relief against constipation by ensuring a safe and smooth passage to the stools of the patient and this keeps the patient’s anal skin safe from the damage caused due to a lot of pressure exerted to push the persistent stools out. Indigestion is also taken care of by the medicine as it ensures that the elements which are responsible for causing indigestion are eliminated completely. Apart from that, stress caused due to piles is also eliminated upon consumption of the homeopathic medicine.

What Precautions Must Be Taken?

Keeping in mind the side effects that are associated with the consumption of this medicine, it is important that a person has to take some major precautions while getting any variant of Nux Vomica as a primary tool to fight Piles or any other disease which the medicine can cure. The best precaution which is advised time and again throughout the piece is that the medicine must be taken only after proper consultation from the doctor. There are a number of homeopathic doctors available both online and offline and you must get an appointment booked with one to know about the proper ways to use Nux Vomica for Piles and other diseases.


What Are Some Other Treatments Available for Piles?

There are a lot of treatments available for piles and homeopathic is considered to be one of the best treatments for piles as it directly attacks the root causes behind piles. Apart from that, there is the allopathic treatment which uses different kinds of medicines that can provide temporary but immediate relief from problems caused due to piles. Ayurvedic treatment, however, is the best treatment for piles or any other disease as it provides some instant relief and works as an efficient long term treatment for some major diseases.


At the end, it is important to sum up the entire information available above by letting you know that Nux Vomica is in fact useful against piles and the factors that cause piles. Despite the risk of strychnine poisoning, the medicine is being consumed widely and a good reason behind that could be the prices of the medicine. Nux Vomica 30 price, Nux Vomica 200 price and price of Nux Vomica 200 CH are quite affordable as they all can be purchased by spending just Rs. 150 to Rs. 200 at maximum. If you still want some information, then you can fill up the following form and we will get in touch with you.

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