PILEX CREAM – Pilex is a cream that comes under the range of Pilex medicine of the Himalayas. Himalaya offers Pilex cream and Himalaya pilex tablets to treat severe piles. Piles affect almost 60% of the world’s population. This cream is very effective and has been used by many Indians and even non-Indians to treat piles. When piles become severe, it gets very uneasy and uncomfortable to even do regular chores, to save patients from this discomfort Himalayas came forward with their pilex range to treat even the severe piles. It fights almost all the symptoms of piles including bleeding, pain, and blood clotting. It is a multipurpose range to treat piles symptoms and that is why it is advised by almost all homeopathic doctors and consultants.

Pilex ointment and piles tabs or most commonly used in combination with each other to get the best results out of it. It can reduce burning sensation during bowel movement, itching discomfort, pain, and all other symptoms that a pile’s patients can face.


Introducing Pilex cream for piles

Before digging deep into the medicine and ointment, it is important to understand piles. Piles are a lump formation inside the anal canal or around the anus area. These lamps are usually filled with blood that is clotted. Piles usually occur due to high pressure on the lower rectum area when the body cannot bear the pressure. The veins around the anus area swell up. This swelling then results in the lump formation that is filled with blood. Piles are usually categorised into external piles and internal piles while internal piles are the lump that forms inside the anal canal, external piles are those where lamps are formed around the anus area. Both piles can be extremely painful. The pain usually occurs during or after a bowel movement. The common symptoms of piles are bleeding, itching, soreness or redness of the skin around the anus area, pain due to swelling, difficulty in bowel movement, the urge of stool even after having a bowel movement, etc.

To treat piles doctors trust the Himalayan range that includes pilex cream and pilex tablets. Himalayan as a company, is a trusted brand around all the ayurvedic and homeopathic doctors that is treating a number of diseases including short term diseases, long term diseases, acute diseases, and even serious diseases curing them of roots. It is believed that if a disease is treated with the help of ayurvedic or homeopathic medicines the chances of repeating that disease becomes minimal, and that is why more and more people are relying on ayurvedic and homeopathic treatment instead of allopathy. The treatments in ayurvedic and homeopathy are usually slow but are very effective.


Himalaya Pilex range

Himalaya Pilex range offers Himalaya pilex ointment and Himalaya pilex tablet. While Pilex ointment works from the outside to treat the skin and provide comfort to the patient. Himalaya pilex tablets work from inside to cure piles. Himalayan pilex range treats the symptoms of piles from roots. It shrinks the piles’ mass that is created in the form of a lump. It controls bleeding during bowel movement It also helps in reducing itchiness pain and burning sensation. Pilex range is also known to treat chronic constipation which is a major reason for the occurrence of piles.


Himalaya Pilex cream Uses

Himalaya pilex ointment is filled with natural ingredients like bhringraj, nirgundi, karpura, tankan, lajjalu, and yashad bhasma. It uses natural ingredients to treat and relax the skin. All these natural ingredients are known for their different properties that can treat inflammation, bleeding, swelling, blood clotting, skin soreness, and skin redness. Himalaya pilex ointment can be used by applying it around the anus area two to three times a day with the help of fingers.


Himalaya pilex tablet uses

Ingredients of Himalaya pilex tablet is a sensitive plant called lajjalu and zinc clax also called yashad bhasma. Sensitive plant is known for its astringent and septic properties that are beneficial in treating bleeding in piles while zink clax accelerates the healing of the wound in the tissues that are caused due to piles. The doses of pilex Himalaya tablets should only be taken after consulting a physician but the physician usually advises one to two tablets three times a day for adults. It is also advised that best results should be taken after a meal with lukewarm water. The course duration is usually 12 weeks to remove piles from roots, but again consulting a doctor or physician is a must before deciding the course duration.


Himalaya Pilex tablet and Himalaya Pilex Ointment Side-effects

Till now there are no side effects that have been observed due to Himalaya piles tablets. According to experts consumption of Himalayan pilex tablets is completely safe and free from any side effects although it is also advised that before starting the consumption of Himalayan pilex tablets the patient should always consult a doctor about the dosage and the time period that has to be followed. It is also advised that the maximum dose of Himalaya pilex tablets should be 2 tablets at a time and not more than that.


Price of Himalaya Pilex Tablet and Himalaya Pilex Cream

Himalaya pills retail for 145 rupees for a bottle that contains 60 tablets while the pilex cream retails for 85 rupees for a tube of 30 grams.



Himalaya is a trusted brand all over the world that has helped millions of people to cure many diseases. It provides a wide variety of medicines and can be easily trusted. Its pilex tablet and pilex ointment have proven to be a savior for many patients. The person dealing with piles should immediately give it a try as they can benefit from it in no time.

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