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Is Pilex Forte effective against piles? Know the usage, benefits, dosage and side effects here!


Many people who are affected by piles do not want to admit it because they are afraid of becoming a laughing stock among their friends. It is a sad reality that people often make fun of a disease which is as serious as piles. Piles can be prevented by using a lot of remedies which are both natural and allopathic in nature. One natural remedy that Himalaya has brought to us is its Pilex Forte ointment meant for curing piles by combatting hemorrhoids, bleeding and healing the wound caused due to constipation induced by hemorrhoids. Let’s take a look at what the cream is all about.

Everything To Know About Pilex Forte

Pilex Forte is an Ayurvedic medicine which is majorly made up of Ayurvedic ingredients with little to no adulteration brought in by other elements which are not Ayurvedic in nature. Pilex Forte is meant for external use in case of piles wherein a person can apply the ointment directly at the affected region. The ointment helps in stopping the bleeding, shrinking the pile mass, heals the skin and prevents constipation due to hemorrhoids. Also, it helps in pain, itchiness and the inflammation caused during defecation. Many experts across the country have recommended the usage of Pilex Forte in moderate and severe cases of piles.

Who manufactures Pilex Forte?

Apart from the ointment, Pilex Forte tablet is also present in the market which is manufactured by Himalaya, a subsidiary of Hindustan Unilever Ltd. Himalaya is known for their wide range of Ayurvedic products which are being widely used by a large number of people across the country. Himalaya is famous for the care and precision they follow while manufacturing every single Ayurvedic medicine. Also, Pilex Forte ointment is manufactured under expert supervision and guidance.

What are the ingredients used?

For any medicine, it is important that it has some really amazing ingredients and when it comes to an Ayurvedic medicine, that need just increases manifolds. Well, Pilex Forte uses the best Ayurvedic medicines like Lajjalu, Yashad Bhasma, Bhringraj, Nirgundi, Tankan and Karpura. All of them are known for their medicinal and healing properties. These ingredients are carefully blended by the manufacturer to provide their customers a highly beneficial remedy against Piles. The best part is that the ingredients used are hundred percent natural and only a small amount of additives are present in the ointment to give it some texture.


What are the uses or advantages of Pilex Forte?

Pilex forte ointment uses the pros of its ingredients to fight against some major problems that are caused due to piles and helps in permanently recovering from piles. Let’s take a look at what it does and how it does –

  • Constipation – Constipation caused due to hemorrhoids is cured by the application of Pilex Forte against the sensitive area.
  • Bleeding – Piles induced bleeding while defecation is reduced and gradually ended when the ointment is used on the affected area.
  • Wound healing – The ointment has great healing properties which helps in curing the wound efficiently.
  • Hemorrhoids – Pilex Forte battles against Hemorrhoids and defeats them for your health.
  • Piles Mass – Ointment can shrink the pile mass and therefore reduces the pain caused due to it.

And that is how, Pilex Forte makes for an efficient tool against Piles. Now, let us take a look at some side effects of Pilex Forte.

What are the side effects of Pilex Forte?

There are no known side effects of Pilex Forte as it is used as an external remedy and does not have any kind of role in affecting the internal functions of our bodies. Therefore, it is safe to use Pilex Forte but it must be kept away from the reach of children.

How to use Pilex Forte?

All you need to do to use Pilex forte ointment is to cleanse the applicator properly before using it. Then take the applicator and apply the ointment on the affected area with great care before and after you have taken a dump. Follow the same process everyday until you begin to feel the difference and even after that, follow the routine to reinforce the recovery.

What is the price of Pilex Forte?

Pilex Forte ointment is available to all at a very reasonable price of just Rs. 75 on many ecommerce websites as well as many online medical service providers. You can also purchase the combo pack of Pilex Forte which is priced at Rs. 150. However, a discounted price on the combo pack would have been better, but it is not that bad either. For just Rs. 150, you will get two ointments with each weighing 30 grams and that seems like a fair deal.


You are aware of how effective Pilex Forte is against Piles and its associates who work tirelessly to deteriorate your health. Pilex Forte provides great relief from the pain, bleeding and wounds caused due to piles and it helps in a speedy recovery so that you can get back to normal as soon as possible. The ointment is priced at Rs. 150 for two packs and ensures recovery from hemorrhoids and constipation caused due to them. It is an ayurvedic remedy which does not have any known side effects and this makes it a great option against the disease it is supposed to combat. If you have any query regarding anything health related, then you can just contact us by filling the following form with your details.

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