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PILEX OINTMENT – Piles are a serious problem affecting almost 60% of the world’s population. According to a recent study, 3 out of 4 people face the issue of piles at some phase of their life. Though it starts with acute symptoms, the issues can worsen with time. Usually, people ignore it in the initial stage as it does not affect much, treating piles at the right time is very important. If not treated on time, it gets the patient into serious health problems that take a long time to get treated. Doctors usually suggest surgery to remove it, but surgery does not cure it permanently and chances are there of its repetition after that. The best way to treat piles is to remove their roots by understanding the cause of their appearance and treat them accordingly. Other than that, using ointments such as pilex ointment to relax the skin and tissues.

Piles occur when pressure is given on the anus and the area around it. The reason for pressure can be anything, but that pressure results in the blood veins around the anus to swell up. These swollen veins then develop the lump that is filled with fluid or mucus. This condition is called piles. This lump can be inside the anal canal or outside around the anus area. Along with the ointment, there are tablets like Himalaya pilex tablets from the Himalaya pilex range that are also used to treat piles.  Himalaya as a medical brand is trusted by many for wonderful results. It has a variety of products to offer from. The pilex range of Himalaya that offers pilex ointment and pilex tablets are very effective to treat piles. But, before knowing more about these, it is important to understand piles completely to get the idea of working on the pilex cream and pilex tabs.


The reason behind the occurrence of piles

Piles can occur due to many reasons including pressure around the lower rectum. It is basically attached to the bowel movement of the patient. There are several reasons for this pressure around the lower rectum, these reasons are-

  1. Chronic Constipation-  Chronic constipation has become a reason for piles for many.  Due to constipation, during bowel movement, the body applies pressure to release stool. This pressure leads to blood flow irregularity. This further results in swollen veins and piles.
  2.     Chronic Diarrhea- Chronic diarrhea is another reason that can trigger piles. When diarrhea occurs the body is not able to hold stool that results in the pressure on anus area. This pressure can lead to piles of symptoms.
  3.   Lifting heavy weights- When someone lifts heavy weights the body automatically exerts pressure on the lower rectum to support the lift. If this heavy weight lifting is done regularly and the weights are quite heavy, this can result in trigger piles.
  4. Pregnancy- When a woman becomes pregnant she faces weight gain that is often a sign of a healthy baby and healthy mother. But this sudden weight gain sometimes comes with acute health issues. One of these health issues being piles. Since the body is not habitual of this heavyweight and due to the baby’s weight around the lower abdominal area, the pressure is exerted on the lower rectum. This exerted pressure can result in piles.
  5.     Obesity- Obesity comes with many serious health issues. When the body has to carry a weight that it is not created to carry for, this excess weight results in many symptoms of an unhealthy body, one of these symptoms is piles as well. When the body is quite heavy, to carry such weight the lower rectum is pressured and due to this pressure piles develop.


Types of Piles

Piles are categorized into two types: the external piles and internal piles. While the external piles occur around the area of the anus, internal piles are inside the anal canal. Internal piles are further divided into four grades according to their symptoms. External piles can also be painful if the lump is filled with blood clotting.


 Pilex Himalaya for treatment of piles

Himalaya is a well-known brand to cure many diseases without any side effects. It is trusted by many doctors and physicians and is often found in Indian households. Pilex range of Himalaya is also one such product that is trusted by doctors and physicians to treat piles. This range offers you medicines one being the pilex Himalaya ointment and the other being pilex Himalaya tablets. While the ointment is applied outside of the anal area to treat soreness and redness in the skin, Himalaya pilex tablet isconsumed orally to treat piles from roots.


Pilex Himalaya Ointment uses

Controls the bleeding from the anal area and shrinks piles mass. It also heals skin and mucous membranes. It also gives relief in soreness and redness of the skin which gives the patient relief from the irritation and itchiness around the anal area. You can use this ointment two to three times a day with the help of fingers.



Himalaya pilex tablet uses

Himalaya pilex tablets also worked in the same way as the appointment but it works internally. It heals the membrane and the mucus formed and reduces it with time. It also stops the blood from flowing out during bowel movements. Since piles are connected with severe constipation it also benefits chronic constipation. While a common dose of Himalaya pilex tablets is 1 to 2 tablets 3 times a day for adults it is advisable to consult a doctor before using Himalaya pilex tablets.



Pilex range from Himalaya is used by doctors for years to treat repeating piles. It can cure piles from roots and prevent them from occurring again. With the correct dosage and right course duration, a patient can get rid of piles permanently.

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