PILEX TABLET – It is the need of the hour to stay fit because if you do not stay fit then someone is definitely going to get ahead of you in this cutthroat competition. You certainly do not want that to happen because it is important to keep up the pace you have been operating at so far. Therefore, you must not take any health issue lightly and seek medical assistance immediately. A perfect example of a disease which could have been prevented from getting worse is Piles. If the affected person would have dealt with its early symptoms then it would not have caused the damage it has caused now.

There are a number of health supplements that could have helped that certain person to get better and recover from the initial damage caused at an early stage of piles. Himalaya Pilex Tablet is one such ayurvedic medicine which doubles up as an excellent health supplement for piles. Himalaya Pilex also comes in the form of Pilex ointment which is known by the name of Pilex Cream among the common folks. A single Pilex tab has the ability to get a person recovered as soon as it is consumed, that is the kind of power Pilex tablets possess. Today we will be understanding everything there is to understand about Pilex and we will also take a look at Pilex tablet uses.

Everything You Must Know About Pilex

Before you go for any kind of medicine or any kind of medical supplement to deal with the problem of piles, you must check everything and anything there is to consider before picking that certain medicine. Piles is a dreaded disease among many individuals and it should be dealt with proper attention and care. That is why it is important to know about the medicines that are going to be used while treating piles. Let’s take a detailed look at what Pilex is and every little thing there is to know about it.

What is the Pilex?

Pilex Himalaya, as the name suggests, is an ayurvedic medicine which is made up of natural ingredients like Daruharidra, Amalaki, Haritaki, Vibhitaki etc. Each of these ingredients are proven to be effective against piles and the issues associated with piles. Apart from piles, the medicine is also used for treating cases of Hemorrhoids, varicose veins and piles caused due to pregnancy. The medicine is easily available at any nearby medical store and it can be bought without any prescription since it is an Ayurvedic medicine.

Who manufactures Pilex?

The quality of a medicine totally depends on the type of work environment in which it is getting manufactured. The good thing about Pilex tablets and ointments is that they are being manufactured under the excellent guidance from the top Ayurvedic experts at Himalaya’s technologically advanced facility at Bengaluru. Himalaya is the leading manufacturer of Pilex and many other ayurvedic health products which are being widely used by a lot of people across the country. It is a renowned name among the masses and the credit for that goes to the reliable products which are manufactured with great care and precision at The Himalaya Drug Company.


What is used in making Pilex?

The efficacy of a medicine depends on a lot of factors and one of those factors is the ingredients which are used in making it. Being an ayurvedic medicine, it is expected from Himalaya Pilex that it will have plenty of natural ingredients in it and man does it stand true to that expectation. The ingredients like Guggulu, Amalaki, Haritaki, Vibhitaki, Aragvadha, Kanchanara, Nagakesara, Jali Pippali, Surana etc. are used in making one single tablet of Himalaya Pilex with suitable proportions. These ingredients are processed with utmost sincerity by using the latest technologies available at the manufacturing division of the organization to ensure that only the best quality Ayurvedic medicine reaches the consumers.

What are the uses of the medicine?

Now that you are aware and assured of the quality of Pilex as an Ayurvedic medicine, it is time that you take a look at some of the amazing things for which this medicine is used –

  • Bleeding – Piles is infamous for causing a lot of bleeding when it is combined with spicy food and indigestion. The amount of pressure exerted while defecation worsens the bleeding problem, using Pilex tablets or ointment provides great relief against this condition.
  • Damaged Skin – The skin that has been damaged due to fissure and hard stools is taken care of efficiently by Pilex tablets.
  • Hemorrhoids – Hemorrhoids are outgrowths which affect the anal region of our body and they are highly unpleasant and formidable. Pilex is used to get rid of them completely.
  • Post Pregnancy Piles – Pilex tablets are used to deal with piles that come post the baby has been delivered.
  • Inflammation – The burning sensation caused due to acidity, indigestion or infection is dealt with by consuming Pilex tablets.
  • Constipation – Pilex is consumed to ensure a smooth motion.
  • Painless Defecation – Pilex tablet takes care of everything that could cause a painful defecation and therefore it is used to get a pain-free defecation experience.

What are the advantages of Pilex?

Among the many other advantages of Himalaya Pilex, the ones which are worth mentioning are as follows –

  • Pilex tablets efficiently work against the root cause of piles which ensures complete elimination of the disease.
  • It cures the hemorrhoids which are the reason behind painful defecation and a lot of bleeding.
  • Post pregnancy piles are taken care of by this medicine without having any side effects on the mother or the child.
  • It has successfully realized the dream of people failed by piles to have a painless defecation experience.
  • It has relieved many individuals from constipation as it has a lot of ingredients which are beneficial against constipation.

What are the disadvantages of the medicine?

There have been no known disadvantages of consuming Pilex because it is a purely Ayurvedic medicine which is prepared with great care and attention to ensure each and every single consumer a speedy recovery from piles. Therefore, it would be unwise to just say baseless things which would question the efficacy of this wonderful Ayurvedic Remedy against Piles. Pilex is an excellent option to cure piles and get rid of it permanently. It is better than surgery or any allopathic medicine because it does not have any side effects or disadvantages which could put its potential in a questionable state.

What are the side effects of Himalaya Pilex?

Since the tablet and ointment are hundred percent Ayurvedic with no adulteration in them, Himalaya Pilex is a product which does not have any known side effects on a person. However, it has been stated at several places that pregnant women must not consume it mindlessly and they must consult doctors before consuming it as the ingredients used in making the medicine might have an adverse effect on the unborn child. Apart from that, the tablet is safe to consume and it is recommended by a lot of doctors (both Ayurvedic and Allopathic).

How should Pilex be used?

If you read the box carefully, you will find the instructions which will help you with the consumption of Pilex. Pilex can be eaten by both adults and children depending on the level of Piles they have. The dosage of Pilex Tablets for adults stands at two tablets twice daily and then it can be reduced to one tablet twice daily as prescribed by your Ayurvedic Practitioner. For children between the age of twelve to eighteen years, a single Pilex tablet must be given once a day. Apart from that, Pilex Ointment can be applied gently on the affected area after washing your hands properly. Pilex ointment is recommended by a lot of doctors for piles in pregnant women as consumption of Pilex Tablets might have an opposite impact on the baby. Therefore, they can use the ointment directly to avoid any kind of complications when the time of delivery comes.

What is the price of Himalaya Pilex?

Himalaya Pilex is an Ayurvedic medicine and lately the prices of Ayurvedic medicines have skyrocketed because people have realized how efficient they are against some major diseases. But since Himalaya is an established company which has been around for nearly a century now, the prices of Pilex Tablets and Ointment are capped at Rs. 130. This pricing has made it possible for many people to afford the medicine and it has allowed them to recover from this dreadful disease.

Everything You Must Know About Piles

It is apparent that you already know a lot of things about piles as you are reading this piece with a lot of attention, still, Piles is a condition wherein the body loses a lot of blood while defecating and it is caused due to indigestion, constipation, stomach infection, poor bowel movement etc. Some triggers of piles include junk food, spicy food, oily food etc.

Now, there are a few things which you might not be aware of. For example, piles is not just a physical disease, it also affects a person’s ability to think and perceive clearly. Seeing a lot of blood coming out of your body and the fact that you can do nothing about the blood you have lost and the effect this is going to have on your body is truly a hopeless situation to be in. Therefore, it is important to stay fit and exercise a lot. Exercising is one of the best ways to deal with Piles in a natural manner. Also, using Ayurvedic medicine like Pilex is going to help against piles big time.

Efficacy of Pilex Against Piles

Unlike other Ayurvedic medicines which have a little effect on piles, Pilex is solely dedicated towards piles and curing the person who is troubled by this awful disease. Pilex uses the power bestowed upon its very single tablet to treat the major issues associated with piles like fissures, bleeding, hemorrhoids etc. Fissures are way more painful than usual piles as it causes bleeding as well as a lot of pain while defecating and consuming Pilex is going to help against this severe health issue. Bleeding is also limited upon consumption of this medicine and hemorrhoids get completely vanished after a certain period of time since you start using the medicine.

How Does Pilex Work Against Piles?

There are two major players that help this Ayurvedic medicine deal with piles –

  1. Lajjalu – Lajjalu is considered to be a highly sensitive plant which is used in making this tablet and gives it the property to fight against bleeding piles. Losing a lot of blood due to piles gives our bodies a lot of damage and only a few are capable of withstanding that kind of damage, therefore, Pilex tablets should be eaten as per prescription or ointment must be used on the affected area for relief in bleeding piles.
  2. Yashad Bhasma – Bhasma is the Sanskrit word for ashes and Yashad Bhasma is an Ayurvedic powder that is a key ingredient in Pilex tablets and ointments. It is because of the healing properties of the ashes that they effectively repair the outer skin tissues of the sensitive skin of our bodies. Himalaya Pilex has this Bhasma in the right proportion which makes it a great option for dealing with piles.

So, these were the two significant ways by which Himalaya Pilex is used to cure piles. It should be noted that Himalaya Pilex Ointment must be applied on the affected part for faster relief and recovery.

What Precautions Must Be Taken?

Consumption of an Ayurvedic medicine does not really have a lot of precautions associated with it, but for the sake of it if there were any precautions to be taken then they would be as follows –

  • It is not advised to consume alcohol and smoke while getting treated by this medicine.
  • Pregnant women should consult their doctors before consuming the tablet. If they are feeling a lot of pain, then they can use ointment instead which will not affect the child in any way.
  • People who have a severe case of Piles must keep themselves from spicy, oily and junk food as it would hinder the medicine’s way to deal with the disease.

Other Treatment Available for Piles?

Certainly there are other treatments available for piles which can be considered if you do not believe in the efficacy of Pilex against Piles and you want to get better as soon as you can. There are different types of allopathic medicines which can provide some momentary relief from piles and then there is the nuclear option of going for surgery. However, many people have complained about the problem of piles persisting even after their operation has been done. Apart from that, there is homeopathic treatment which has a wide range of medicines and solutions which can be consumed for a long time and they will eventually work against piles since they attack the root cause of the disease.

Reviews Of Pilex

  1. Himalaya Pilex was recommended to me by a friend of mine who had the issue of piles for a long time. One day, I saw him at a party and he was eating spicy food like anything. I confronted him and told him that I have the same problem as he used to have. He told me about Himalaya Pilex and upon using it regularly for about a month, I was able to see some noticeable changes in myself. I was able to defecate without any pain and the bleeding had stopped too. After three months, I am as healthy as my friend.
  2. I had a lot of complications during my pregnancy which eventually led to piles. I was in huge trouble because it became difficult for me to manage my baby and myself at the same time. I was weakened after the delivery and the blood loss due to piles was making things worse for me, so I was looking for some natural treatment options for this and I came across this amazing product which changed my life. Himalaya Pilex not only helped me get better, it also helped me get stronger because it cured my piles problem sooner than I expected. It truly is the best Ayurvedic medicine out there.


It must be pretty clear to you now that Pilex is one of the best Ayurvedic remedies for piles and it is going to deal with your piles problem as effectively as it can. However, any good thing needs time to happen and that is exactly why Pilex requests you to be patient during the course of treatment. The results will show up eventually as the medicine which is priced at just Rs. 125 is certain to get to the issues like bleeding and hemorrhoids caused due to piles. If you have any doubts or confusions about Pilex Tablets or Ointments then you can let us know by either commenting below or getting in touch with us by filling the form given below.

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