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 Ayurveda has emerged as a great weapon against a number of diseases. Diseases that have been ailing mankind for a long time are finally meeting their end at the hands of Ayurveda. Ayurveda’s efficiency against some serious health problems got proven after a number of researches were conducted on it and finally the whole world is accepting of Ayurveda, its remedies and the medicines it has to offer. Triphala is a prime example of the best medicines that Ayurveda has and today we will be taking a good look at everything that concerns Triphala and how it is beneficial against Piles.

Everything To Know About Triphala Powder

An Ayurvedic wonder, Triphala Powder is a well prepared mixture of three natural ingredients that are useful even individually. You can imagine the extent of the medicinal powers of Triphala Powder just by considering the fact that it can cure a majority of highly serious and dangerous diseases and health disorders which have been ailing mankind for a long time. Triphala Powder is a great medicine because it does not have any major side effects on your health and will work as an excellent remedy for many of your health problems. Let’s take a look at what exactly is Triphala Powder and how it benefits against a majority of diseases.

What is Triphala Powder?

The name of the medicine says it all – Triphala is made of two words, that is Tri (three) and Phala (fruits or herbs) which means that the medicine is made up of three high quality natural ingredients which have endless medicinal properties and are given great respect by Ayurvedic practitioners. Fruit of Amla which is also known as Indian Gooseberry, Bibhitaki and lastly the king of all ayurvedic herbs – Haritaki is used in making this wonderful medicine. Triphala can be made into tablets, powders or lotion depending on the need of the person with each form having equal effect on the disease or condition.

Who manufactures Triphala Powder?

There are a lot of manufacturers who are manufacturing Ayurvedic medicines such as Patanjali, Baidyanath, Dabur and Himalaya. All of them are famous in India for the quality they have in their Ayurvedic products. Triphala Powder is also manufactured by them in a large quantity to meet the demands from people all over the country. Triphala Powder is manufactured under the supervision of Ayurvedic experts in a safe environment so that nothing can mess up the quality of the end product.


What are the ingredients used?

There are three major ingredients used in making Triphala Powder which are listed as follows –

  • Amla or Indian Gooseberry – Amla is a naturally occurring fruit in India which is known for its several medicinal properties like it helps in digestion, hair fall, eyesight, constipation and prevention of cancer. It is also used in making pickles and other food items.
  • Bibhitaki – Bibhitaki is known for its efficacy against viral and bacterial infections which can cause serious health issues to a person. It is also an Ayurvedic herb.
  • Haritaki – As mentioned earlier, Haritaki is held in high regard because it is considered the king of ayurvedic herbs. It is the last major element which goes into making this polyherbal mixture.

Apart from this, some other additives are present in the powder to make it taste better.

What are the uses or advantages of Triphala Powder?

Well, Triphala Powder uses are listed as below and they can also double up as its advantages too –

  • Constipation – Triphala works against constipation in a great manner as it softens the stool and ensures a proper passage of the same without exerting a lot of pressure.
  • Diabetes – A common type of diabetes can also be helped by Triphala as it has natural ingredients like Amla and Haritaki which are famous for their effect against Diabetes.
  • Stress and Anxiety – Mental health issues like these two are also tackled by Triphala with great efficacy and the bright side is that it is not addictive in nature.
  • Arthritis – Triphala is helpful in arthritis because it helps provide the body some really essential nutrients like Vitamin C and D.
  • Weight Loss – Triphala has proven to be helpful in weight loss in a majority of people.
  • Anti-inflammatory – Triphala has some antioxidants present in it which makes it a great anti-inflammatory agent.
  • ·Laxative – It is a natural laxative which ensures proper motion of stool and thereby prevents many health issues like constipation and piles.

Apart from these, there are many other advantages of Triphala like its ability to heal wounds and maintain a stable blood pressure which makes it a great boon of Ayurveda.

What side effects does Triphala Powder have?

Since the powder is able to get a person relieved from constipation, there are chances of the powder to cause diarrhea when it is consumed in a large quantity at once. The powder will continue to work against constipation the same way but a large quantity will only worsen the condition, thereby causing diarrhea. Also, the effect of powder on pregnant women is either not known or is adverse. Therefore, it is advised to pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding their children to keep away from the powder. Apart from that, there are no major side effects known for the powder.

How to consume or use Triphala?

Triphala is available in the form of granules, tablets and powders. The granules can be mixed with water or milk and the person affected can drink the solution. This is recommended for those who have internal ailments like stomach ulcers, infection, indigestion or constipation and want fast recovery. Secondly, the tablets can be consumed for the same purpose as they will work directly at the affected parts so they will prove beneficial that way. Lastly, the powder can either be consumed with warm water or can be mixed with a cream or lotion to apply on an injury to benefit from the healing power of Triphala.

What is the price of Triphala Powder?

It is natural to wonder about the price of such a versatile ayurvedic medicine which offers you so many benefits. Well, to your surprise, Triphala Powder Price is capped at just Rs. 140 on a majority of online medicine stores, but you can get it for a much cheaper price when you purchase it from an offline store as they all offer about a twenty percent discount on medicines. But to get it at a discounted price might jeopardize the quality of product that you are getting, therefore, it would be wise to get it for the right price. A price which is neither too heavy on your pockets nor too low to compromise with the quality.

Everything To Know About Piles

A health condition which is infamous for troubling millions of individuals from across the world is known as Piles. The sad part about having Piles is that some people do not even have an idea when it takes over them because sometimes the symptoms are too minor to observe and they often get ignored by the people. Piles is dreaded by both commoners and doctors alike as it is very difficult to deal with and requires a lot of care and attention from both the parties. However, introduction of Ayurveda to modern treatment methods has made it possible to deal with Piles with great efficiency.

What are piles?

Piles is a condition which affects the sensitive area of anus and rectum as the veins of that region begin to swell when a lot of pressure is exerted during defecation. During Piles, bleeding also comes along with stool when one of these veins rupture or the sensitive skin gets torn apart because of the hardness of stool. Also, the inflammation, pain and soreness around the affected region makes it impossible for a person to concentrate and often causes stress. Therefore, it becomes important to know about what causes Piles, how it can be prevented and how Triphala churna is useful against piles.

What causes piles?

Piles has a lot of factors which are responsible for its occurrence in an individual. Primarily, piles occur because of the eating habits of the person. If a person is eating very spicy or oily food then the chances of him or her getting piles become really high as these foods are a direct threat to our digestive system because of their composition. Apart from that, constipation plays a major role in causing piles because it prevents the proper flow of feces and causes damage to the skin. Any kind of bacterial infection can also cause piles to happen.

How can it be prevented?

It can be prevented by not consuming unhealthy foods and foods which do not cause constipation. Apart from that, yoga and exercising can help a lot in digestion and will help you get a better digestive system. Therefore, it is recommended that you involve yourself in these exercises to prevent Piles. Also, you can try consuming supplements which are helpful in digestion and maintaining a steady flow of blood in all the regions of your body as it will prevent the swelling of veins. These were a few steps by which you can prevent piles from troubling you.

How is Triphala Powder effective against piles?

Triphala Powder is effective against piles in a lot of ways. To name a few of them –

  • It maintains a steady blood flow across the body and helps the body recover from venous congestion and thereby provides relief from the pain while excreting.
  • It gives the body an excellent digestive system which enables a proper bowel movement.
  • It also softens the stool as it is a great agent against constipation. Therefore, it must be used to reduce the pain caused due to constipation.
  • The powder has healing abilities and can heal the wounds caused during defecation by aiding the growth of epithelial tissues.

That is how effective Triphala Powder is against piles and that is why you must consume the powder when you wish to win against Piles.

What are the other treatment options available for piles?

It is good to have options and when it comes to the treatment of certain diseases, it becomes even better to have some options. People have a lot of alternatives to pick from when it comes to the treatment of piles. Let’s take a quick look at them –

  • Homeopathic medicines follow a long duration of treatment for piles which make them a less preferable option. However, the efficacy of homeopathic treatment of piles must not be questioned as it directly attacks the root causes of the problem which are responsible for its occurrence in the first place. Despite having some minor side effects, homeopathic makes for a great option when you are considering long term relief from piles.
  • Allopathic treatment has a variety of medicines available for piles but the major drawback associated with allopathic treatment is that it has a lot of side effects and cannot treat the disease permanently until and unless the affected person goes for the surgery.
  • Lastly, Ayurveda has a lot to offer against piles and Triphala is just one of the many weapons from the arsenal of Ayurveda for Piles.

What kind of precautions should be taken?

As much as Triphala Powder benefits against some major health issues, it is important to take note of the precautions that must be followed to prevent any kind of mishap. The five major precautions to follow are –

  • You must consult your doctors before consuming Triphala or any other medicine as they know you and also the medicine that you are going to consume.
  • You must keep Triphala away from sunlight as it might deteriorate the quality of the product.
  • You must not consume Triphala during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
  • Triphala must not be taken while you are on other medications. Ayurvedic medicines are neutral and do not have any major side effects on their own, but they can react to allopathic or homeopathic medicines because of the difference in their composition.
  • Overconsumption of Triphala must be avoided as it can lead to diarrhea.

Therefore, it would be wise to consume Triphala only after you have made sure to follow the above stated precautions so that you do not get into any kind of trouble.

Popular Reviews

  1.     Triphala Powder was recommended to me by my family doctor when the best of his medicines failed to get me back to my healthy self. He told me everything about Triphala Powder Churna and the benefits associated with it. All my stomach health issues vanished when I consumed the Churna.
  2.     My uncle brought a packet of homemade Triphala Powder for my family as we all have a weak digestive system and within a few days of using the Churna, it began to show its miraculous powers on us. Constipation, indigestion, poor bowel movement became stories to us as we recovered excellently with the help of this powder.
  3.     My father had a lot of trouble walking after his operation as his knees felt weak and stiff all the time. Somebody told us about Triphala Churna and its positive effect on bones. I got it for my dad and within a month, his health improved. Also, the problems he had with digestion were also resolved.
  4.     Triphala Churna enabled me to get a better digestive system and helped me get rid of piles as well. My bowel movement was too rough and it even caused rashes on the sensitive area which made my life equivalent to hell. A friend of mine told me about the Churna and its medical properties, so I bought it. After consuming it for the first time, my bowel movement improved amazingly. I’d recommend Triphala Churna to everyone.
  5.     The problem of stomach ulcers I used to have was solved efficiently by this Ayurvedic concoction known as Triphala Churna. Truly an amazing experience to get better and back at work, all thanks to Triphala Churna.


Our journey has come to an end and let’s conclude with everything that we have gathered from the above information about Triphala Powder. Triphala Powder is an excellent Ayurvedic medicine which was found useful against many diseases and health disorders. A lot of researches were conducted on the benefits of Triphala Powder and most of them had a common result – Triphala is efficient against many kinds of health disorders like stress, anxiety, stomach ulcers, arthritis, type 2 diabetes, gingivitis, plaque, sore, some types of cancers, weight loss, constipation, piles, indigestion, inflammation and more!

Although there are some side effects of Triphala Powder but most of them happen only when the churna is consumed beyond suggested quantity, its pros outshine its cons by a large margin. Triphala Powder is sold at an affordable price of Rs. 140 on, but you can get it for a lesser price offline. If you have any questions about anything health related, then you can reach out to us any time by filling the following form.

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